Tuesday, April 24, 2012

soLs: writing helps

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If I'm feeling overwhelmed . . .

                                                                    Words Their Way
                                          Common Core
                                                                                Literacy                     RtI                                    
                      Homework debate
                                   Team meetings                                       Mainstreaming
                                                                   Tier 1
                                                                                                   Professional development                      
                                                    Loving reading - not AR                                                                                                       
                              Determining what is important
what to teach
how to teach it
did kids get it

That's how it feels in my brain right now - a jumbled mess.  Not sure where to start or what is the priority.  So, I write.

I'm constantly reading, researching, learning -- but my brain feels full today.

I want to be the best me in the classroom. But I also feel that I have a responsibility to help the school be the best school.  I want to help teachers be the best in their classrooms. The kids to be the best kids.

But today I'm tired.  Overloaded.  Unsure.  Wondering.

However, I am already feeling better.  Now that I wrote about it.


  1. Sometimes just putting it down on paper makes you feel so much better. Being able to share those frustrations and feelings, help even more. Hugs being sent your way that today will be a good, fulfilling day. My brain hurt just reading the beginning of your post, but could feel the relief at the end. Hang in there. Love ya, M

  2. Oh Michelle . . . breathe my friend you are one of the best these kids have...and don't you forget it! :-))

  3. It is hard to feel productive and successful when there are so many demands. I appreciate your awareness of all that needs to be done - not only in the classroom but in whole schools. It is so important to integrate the work.

  4. I've had a lot days like that. I agree that writing about it helps you feel better. Glad that you are slicing!

  5. I wondered where you were....

    Your jumbled mess looks like I felt awhile back. And writing does help. Keep the kids at the top of your list and it will fall into place.....

    And just a question--who the heck decided that AR was good reading instruction and that it motivated kids to read?????

  6. There are so many pulls on teachers these days. Do like Deb says, remember to put kids first. You touch so many lives, hang in there.

  7. This overwhelmingness disease is very contagious in spring. I caught it too. Writing is one treatment. Hugging is another. Counting days until summer break is one more way to slow the breathing and stay sane.
    You are making a difference in many lives, but the most important are the lives of your daughters.

  8. I think it's totally normal to feel overwhelmed in the springtime. I always did when I was in the classroom. I think you just have to find time to pull back and breathe. It's a way of honoring yourself. Just take a few deep breaths and then start fresh.

    Or, as Terje suggested, start counting down the days 'til spring break.

    BTW: Have you seen the new book Pathways to the Common Core: Accelerating Achievement. (I'm reviewing it on TWT on Thursday.) I found it to be incredibly helpful at understanding what the CCSS are really saying. Might be a good thing to read... in the summertime.

  9. Sorry for the feelings of too much stuff, hence your list, that probably still is going although you stopped writing it. I too think it's springtime things of too much to push into the time left, but teachers seem wiling & others seem to expect it. I hope you can take a specially relaxing few hours playing with your daughters. Ingrid spent Sat. into Sun. with me, Michelle & it was renewing for me. Best wishes!

  10. What a great blend in this post, highlighting what it feels like to be a teacher and to want to do so well in different facets of our careers. I agree that writing about it helps so much!

  11. Thank you for posting just what I am thinking....I feel so burned out, but it's good to know that others are struggling with this time-of-year feeling, too. A lot of this has to do with the state testing...such a numbing experience, all around.

  12. You have captured my feelings perfectly. I love the format at the beginning of the "jumbled mess" of all the things teachers have in our brains right now! Like you, I struggle with trying to be the "best me" while struggling with all the responsibilities that entails. I also love how you ended with reflecting on how writing helps. It certainly does. :-)

  13. I think April brings "this feeling" more than "showers" but maybe May will still bring flowers and hopefully some clarity. It is hard not to push, push, push yourself, but you will figure it all out.

  14. It can be a lonely position to be in as a teacher who is passionate about kids, about curriculum, about policy, about best practices, about instruction, about systems... I could go on. Very few people in our worlds have the vantage point you have: the classroom level AND the big picture. I am glad you wrote about your feelings. And I am glad it helped!

  15. Oh boy...I don't know a single teacher that isn't feeling this way right now! It's frustrating and overwhelming and and and. Let's take a breath, let's put the bag away for the night and let's enjoy life outside of school for an evening. Enjoy the children at home. Enjoy the book on the nightstand. Enjoy the flowers growing outside. Enjoy whatever it is that makes you happy. And, of course, take that breath...or lots of them!

  16. Interesting visual in the beginning of your writing. I hope you have a good day today. Writing does help, doesn't it. Oh,and sending you a hug as well.

  17. Welcome to chaos! I love this post - it looks just like your brain must feel! This summer I plan to process all the great ideas that will help kids L-O-V-E reading and write them down. Thanks for being a great writing mentor!!!


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