Wednesday, April 4, 2012

student slicing

In the beginning of March, I shared the Slice of Life Challenge with my fourth and fifth grade groups.  All nine students were excited and wanted to take on the challenge.

9 students jumped in to write for
31 possible days with
15(ish) reminders during testing, over the weekends and
9 days over spring break
1 student wished he started 'slicing' in the beginning of the year to remember fifth grade
2 students asked me daily if I remembered to write
5 completed the challenge and wrote every day
1 happy teacher that all
9 participated and all
9 students want to try
30 days of writing in April

Many are wondering what will happen in May or June. What about the summer?  I already told them I'm not going to deny them the opportunity to want to write.  We'll figure something out.

Happy writing my writers!

The title page of our April Challenge Journal.


  1. Michelle,
    This is so awesome!
    1 Million Kudos to you!
    1 Inspiring author!
    9 Kid Writers!
    What next?

    1. 1 reader impressed by
      1 comment.

      (OK, I'm not as good at number poetry as you and Amy.)

  2. How cool for you and your students. What an awesome writing environment in your classroom.

  3. What a delightful way to come back from Spring break! The kids are excited and so are you about continuing to write. I'm sure you'll figure out something to keep them writing during the summer and beyond. Love ya M

  4. What a great testament to your community of writers. I have sliced with my students as a start of the year genre, but I have never had them participate in the SOLSC. I will have to do that next year.

  5. It's terrific that they asked you about May and the summer! You have moved them into the writing habit! Terrific for you, and also for them! Thanks for the stats, too. Fun to see.

  6. This is so much fun to read. Of course, I wanted to start trying to solve your poem. I'm pretty sure the solution is 10 amazingly happy writers.


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