Tuesday, April 10, 2012

soLs: a wish

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A writing idea found on pinterest . . . 

i wish

i wish every weekend was three days of fun.
i wish for a constant bright shining sun.

i wish for a full moon every night.
i wish for the stars to shine ever-so bright.

i wish for a wish upon a shooting star.
i wish my parents didn't live so far.

i wish to watch over that one child.
i wish him to hold onto that smile.

i wish i could hold my babies forever --
i wish, but sometimes a wish will never . . . ever.

but i still wish.


  1. Love the poem . . . love the wishes . . . and you are right never ever stop wishing!!

  2. Beautiful poem and it rhymes too!!! Wishing and dreaming are all a part of our lives. Never stop - some come true, some don't, but rejoice in all of them! Love ya M

  3. Wonderful. WIth all the poetry you write, do you follow tweetspeak poetry? You can also sign up for everyday poetry on Facebook. They give you picture prompts daily! You would be great at it.

  4. Neat idea for a poem - love the picture, too!
    I'm all about the sunny, blue skies! :)

  5. i wish that spring would finally show it's beautiful face
    i wish that i could just get one extra day off this wish
    i wish that we had more wishes!

    thanks for sharing this poem~!!

  6. Wishes always make me think of what is possible someday. May all your wishes come true.

  7. Wishes always make me think of what is possible someday. May all your wishes come true.

  8. I love the rhythm of this, Michelle, moves so well with wistfulness really. And I love that stop at the end, a lovely pause "will never...ever".

  9. i loved it...especially the lower case i...also it is a simple structure that kids can use. Thank you so much Michelle !

  10. So pretty and such good wishes, and how true "will never...ever" and yet still we wish.

  11. Michelle,
    I wish I had your talent for writing! You are so blessed! You captured wishes in such a delicate way...
    Yes, we always wish-I especially love the part about holding our babies forever! So special!

  12. What a fun idea, and I especially loved that you had the graphic to go along with it. Creative Memories actually has a scrapbooking cover set with a dandelion on the front like that and the word wish. Now I will be thinking of your poem when I see it!

  13. I love the way you have written this in couplets with a repeating beginning to each line. I'm thinking there are probably other starters....
    I love
    I hope
    I remember
    I dream of
    I wonder

    Hmmm. Not really sure about that now, but interesting to play with it. Beautiful poem, Michelle.

  14. What a wonderful poem, and what perfect wishes!!

  15. This made me a bit misty! "i wish to watch over that one child.
    i wish him to hold onto that smile." Amazing lines and I too hope that your "one child" can hold his smile, I am sure you are doing all you can to ensure it! Keep wishing! (Have you read, An Awesome Book? It is about dreaming big, just struck me and thought maybe there was a reason).

  16. I like the way you included the ordinary and the impossible, evoking both happy feelings and wistful longings... This could be powerful and revealing for student writers...Hope to try it some time.


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