Tuesday, April 17, 2012

soLs: voices from the lost and found

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Poetry fun! I've been perusing a variety of poetry books with my students.  I only read the title "Voices from the Lost and Found" from the book Don't Read This Book Whatever You Do: More Poems About School by Kalli Dakos and I knew I wanted to try it!  Every 'thing' needs a voice.  (The formatting is giving me some trouble!)

                                                                           "Hey! Wait! What are you doing?" 
The lid opened, tossed inside.
Darkness.  Silence.  Set aside. 
                      "Helloooo???  Oh no."

Yawn. S - t - r --e-- t - c - h.
Oh, what a catch!

"Ahem. Hello. I'm the president                      
of the lost and found at this instant."                 "Oh, hi. I won't be long.
                                                                          Chloe will find me, I don't belong."

"Yes, well, welcome to the lost and found.                
Are you coming from the playground?"            "I can't believe I'm stuck in a stink.
                                                                          It's quite crowded, don't you think?"

The door cracks open just a bit
with hopes and joys of being picked.

                                                                          "I'm here! I'm here! I'm the same!
                                                                           So glad you're here, glad you came..."

But instead, one mitten did appear
tears rolling down. . . drip, drip, fear.

"Welcome friends. You will see,                       
we are quite the family."                                     "Where, oh where, is my other pair?             
                                                                           Are you in here? It's just not fair."

"Don't you worry or shed a tear.
I hope to give you some cheer."                          "What am I supposed to do?
                                                                            There is no way that I can make do."

The lid opens again once more
A student wondering, that's for sure.

"Show yourself as best as you can
Don't get covered . . ." he began.

Digging, diving, tossing, and turn.
Lifting, searching, hoping to churn.
                                    "What color is -- Is this it?
                                       No, I guess that's not a fit."

The lid slams shut. It's quiet again.
Then, all of a sudden, the cries began --

                                                                               "Who will miss us? Who will care?"
                                                                               "All we want is to do our share."


  1. I'll never think of the lost & found box the same way again. Delightful poem. Thanks for sharing. Love ya M

  2. It is hard to keep the words in the right place, isn't it? But this turned out just fine, Michelle. How great as you said to give things a "voice". Love it. As Judy said, when I walk by our lost & found, which I do every morning, I will look to see if anything is calling for help!

  3. Now this is a mentor text for sure--giving voice to things that we don't think of as having voice! Great job!

  4. What a fun poem! This just begs to be read aloud by all the different voices. The inferring on who the speaker is and why do you think so makes this such a great text. Well done, Michelle!

  5. Voices from the Lost and Found! Nice! Well done! Bravo! Yes, walking by the lost and found is familiar-even looking it-my son always seems to be losing something...I can hear those clothes speaking now! Your work gives them their voice!

  6. Your poem is sparking ideas inside my head! "Yes welcome to the lost and found. Are you coming from the playground?" Great, this must be an universal school experience. Nicely done.

  7. Oh just great, I could hear all the voices loud and clear. I love it when the president tell them all to show themselves and not to get covered. I could just see "some kid" shuffling through all the stuff without a care in the world. Great poem and so much fun!

  8. I enjoyed the use of dialogue and description. I could really picture the voice of the items! It sounds like you had fun experimenting.

  9. Michelle,
    What a fun poem! I know what you mean about formatting. I wrote a poem in two voices last month and had the hardest time making the formatting work. I like the way you added colors to the voices. That's a great trick. I enjoyed listening to the calls from the lost and found. I'm not sure I will ever think of that area in our hall in quite the same way.


  10. How clever! Love this. This would make such a fun reading by multiple people. Love how you personified the lost and found items.


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