Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trying to . . .

I'm trying to read more posts and leave thoughtful comments, but it is late and I'm tired. (Yawn.)

Comments mean so much to me (smile - reload - check - smile more), but my brain is exhausted.

I want to read a slice from everyone (you and you and you), but my eyes are  s l o w l  y
I was thrilled that the challenge concluded on a Saturday (more TIME!), but I thought I'd have more time.

Wishing I could pause the clock to just read (pointing remote to the clock), but something's got to give.

I wasn't going to write today (Nope. Not gonna do it.), but that (itch) habit (scratch) was there.

I'm happy about that itchy, scratchy feeling.  Because here I am, continuing to write.

Maybe I just need 21 days (or 31, like the challenge) to just read posts and write comments.

But that's with hopes that no one writes anything new.  Wait! (Huh?)  How can that be? (What?)

They are all writers.  For they will continue to write.  And that makes me smile.



  1. Thanks, Michelle, for your thoughtful comments on my slices. You helped motivate me to keep at it. I just want you to know that you make a difference in this community of writers (now I'm one too)!

  2. I tried last year to go back and read some more. Hopeless. We'll just keep moving on. I am sure there were many people today who wrote even though there was no challenge to motivate them.

  3. And you make me smile, too, Michelle. Here you are, writing another poem, even yawning in the middle! Love it. I stayed up as late as I could last night but just had to quit too. So many slices, not enough time. Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. I have been going back and reading this morning as I drink my coffee (Chloe, of course, is NOT happy). I'm finding blogs I didn't know where there--and some really good things. I read one post and then another and another.... I hate that I missed some. And I wasn't going to write today either....but.....

  5. Habits are hard to break, but this is a "good" habit and I'm so glad you decided to write. Keep that habit going - writing, reading, commenting! Love ya M

  6. Michelle,
    I knew you'd write today! After 31 days, it's become more of a habit...I found myself wanting to write today too! I just did! I am going to write a poem about pockets each day this month! That's my own personal challenge! I've already done 2 28 more to go!

  7. I, too, wanted to catch up on posts, but I have yet to write my own post today. Way to write--day 32. Wow!

  8. I loved how you used the text to show how you were feeling and to capture your thought process. I am glad that you feel that itch!


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