Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{sols} a snow story

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My girls are really into storytelling these days, especially hearing stories where they are the main characters!  Here is a story about their experience after the blizzard on Sunday.

Once upon a time ...

there were two adorable and very energetic four year olds, who always listened to their Momma.


The two girls were twin sisters and they loved playing together.  They played with their baby dolls and took care of their stuffed animals with the vet clinic tools.  The girls enjoyed coloring, painting, and creating masterpieces of art that were on display for all to see.  They loved laughing and singing and dancing around the house.

"Momma!  Watch me!" demanded P. as she twirled around.

As their joyous laughter filled the air, one darling girl spotted a snowflake floating back and forth slowly toward the ground.  The sparkle and beauty caught her eye.  Then there was another snowflake and another, until the sky was littered with hundreds and thousands and millions of these tiny, unique ice sculptures floating gently down, down, down.

"Look Mom!  It's snowing!" exclaimed M. pointing out the window.

The snow fell all day long blanketing everything white that we could see outside the window.  They could not contain their excitement.  All they wanted to do was ---

"Momma!  Can we PL--EASE go outside and play in the snow?!?" 

And so it went.  The two precious girls put on layer after layer to ensure they remained warm while playing in the cold, white snow.  The snow pants, the boots, the hat, the scarf, and finally the mittens.

"Let's go!  I'm starting to sweat!" announced P. as she opened the door.

We trudged outside, boots clomping on the brick pathway that was recently cleared by their Daddy.

CrUncH.  cRuNCh.  CRunCh.

The girls stepped onto the almost eighteen inches of fresh snow.  Walking high above what they know as the ground level.

Phlump.  One boot deep in the snow.

"Mom, I'm stuck!" shouted M.

Phlump.  Another boot deep in the snow.

Their weight exceeded the snow limit and they were slowly stepping into the deep, deep snow.

The two snow princesses played and played. They fell into the deep snow.  They scooped and shoveled.  Moved the snow from here to there.  No  masterpieces could be sculpted as it was at this time all soft, non-packing fluff.

But as they continued to play, their Daddy created the beginnings of a snow fort.  A hideout.  A secret getaway.  Perhaps an enchanted snow castle.  Today, it shall be perfected for the two sweet girls...

"Who always listen to their Momma!" The girls added.


  1. Oh, I'm in love with this story! The imagery of the snowflake falling, the crunch of the snow, the phlump of the boot falling through...I have to write my own version now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The story of twin snow princesses living with their snow queen and king in a magnificent snow kingdom. Their life is rich with stories. Keep telling the stories and writing them down.

  3. I enjoyed this story and kept going back to my childhood days when I could not wait to go into the snow to craft a snow fort. Thank you for sharing and helping me remember. Unfortunately, I could not see your photos.

  4. A beautiful story! I love how you wove their dialogue into the story, and I love how you started referring to them as snow princesses by the end of the story! Beautifully written.

  5. Beautiful story! This is what makes winter memorable, not just the inches of snow reported in the news!

  6. I love this story Michelle! I could picture every detail! I'm glad that it was only in my head and not out there shoveling 😘. The only thing was I did not get pics to come through on my iPad! But I pictured them in my head as well! Xoxo

  7. OMG I LOVE Your story. It could very well be a picture book, you know.

  8. Oh how I enjoyed reading your story!

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