Thursday, April 2, 2015

{everything was right in my world} #digipoetry

I'm still writing ... poetry!
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it was a beautiful morning
sun shining, blue skies
still a little chill in the air

everything was right in my world

a quick stop on my way to school
"large ice tea of caffeine, please"
for a refreshing pick-me-up

everything was right in my world

i paid and quickly asked,
"how much for the order
for the lady behind me?"

everything was right in my world

something i have never done before
"i'm going to pay for her too"
and i handed over a five dollar bill

everything was right in my world

i'll never forget the memory 
the contagious smile on her face
and the feeling inside my heart

everything was right in my world

my smile created a joyous
interaction with the server
making each other feel like we matter

everything was right in my world

and then the message of the day
sang in my ears on the radio
ephesians 5:2

everything was right in my world

'and walk in the way of love, just
as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us 
as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God'

everything was right in my world

it was only a gift of a little breakfast
love for a stranger that i'll never know
all because for me at that moment

everything was right in my world

©Michelle Nero (2015)


April is National Poetry Month.  I will dabble in celebrating with others by writing and sharing poetry this month.  Participants can follow along and share on Twitter #digipoetry.


  1. What a thoughtful, caring moment! Love the poem and I'm sure the lady behind you had a smile on her face all day long. And to receive the message from Ephesians at that moment. Yes, everything is right in our world. Love ya, Mom

  2. Oh Michelle, this is lovely, & I love that you came around full circle in it too. I've done this a few times, but mostly I was out the door before I saw the response. It really is almost like a gift to you, isn't it?

  3. Such a lovely feeling -giving! People don't open themselves up to it enough. Thank you for reminding me of this joy.

  4. I am sure that stranger was saying the same thing - everything is right in my world!

  5. Oh so wonderful! I love how you wrote it and how you showed love for a stranger.


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