Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SOLS: It Takes Just One Book

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As a resource teacher, my schedule doesn't quite get up and running with the start of the school year.  There's testing and more testing.  Proctoring and covering classes.  There's analyzing and more analyzing.  Discussing and grouping.  I am busy, just not yet busy with kids every day.

I've been visiting classrooms.  The students already understand that 
I LOVE books 
I LOVE reading
so they know why I'm there . . . to read a book!

It's been a joy to see their smiling faces.  It's been wonderful to hear their thinking.  It's been amazing to hear, "Are you coming back tomorrow to read another book?"

Now, that made my day.


  1. You are so lucky that you get to share that love with so many little ones. So what have you been reading to them lately?

  2. To share something that you LOVE to do with others who appreciate it outweighs all the other busy matters. I hope that you never get too busy to skip the reading.

  3. That's awesome that the students you work with know your passion for reading and books! That must make your work fun and worthwhile.
    --jee young

  4. Good news to hear! I imagine your groups of students love to see you coming with the book of the day. You must share the books you read sometime. I'd love to hear about all the titles.

  5. So great that you are inspiring excitement about reading already! Let that keep you going!

  6. I'm with you! :) The sooner I am in classrooms teaching and working with kids, the better I feel. How cool that the kids see you as that lady that loves books.

  7. Isn't it grand that it doesn't have to be just one book, but there are opportunities for another and another.

  8. Do you tend to start the year off with certain books for the different grade levels? What are some new favorites this year>?


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