Tuesday, July 24, 2012

soLs: i'm reading

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My girls and I visit the library about once a week.  It's always a whirlwind with two year olds, but worth all the effort.

Our last visit proved that.

We walked in with excitement and joy.  Squealing and screaming.  The librarian actually walked over and whispered, "We are so happy that you are excited to be here, but you need to use a quieter voice."  Too many words for my two year olds. After she walked away, I reminded them both, "No screaming."

We walked around the rows and rows of bookshelves.
We talked with other patrons.
We played by the puppet area.
We sat in the comfy chairs.
We jumped on the stuffed lady bug.
We watched a book come alive on the TV.
We attempted making the crab craft.
We filled our Elmo bags with books.
Lots of books.

After an hour of containing our excitement and voices, it was time to head for home, but first we had to check out our books.  I had a stack waiting on hold.  As the librarian checked out my books, I had the girls busy with emptying their book bags and sliding the books on the counter to be checked out.

One of my daughters took out a book that caught her eye.  (A book we've checked out several times over the last few months.)  She began browsing the tractor book.

"Can we please borrow your book for a minute, so she can check it out?"  I asked.

"No, Mommy. I'm reading," she replied matter-of-factly.

Laughter and chuckles emerged.  I smiled in delight as well.


  1. Ahhh...music to my ears, "Mommy, I'm reading!"
    Love that your girls love the library!

  2. Pure joy of books filled this post! You had me smiling throughout as you described your time in the library. Too cute!

  3. I am glad that you are enjoying the library so much with your girls. I laughed at your condensed reminder compared to the librarian's. My girls and I just got back from a trip to the library - such a nice way to spend summer days.

  4. It was just as cute the second time around (for me). I can just picture the look on M's face as she said, "Mommy,I'm reading". Love ya, M

  5. Wonderful story, Michelle. You know I love hearing from you about the girls, & often share them with my daughter. Such a happy time to go to the library!

  6. It's great when children love reading so early in life. You've done a great job.

  7. Wow - the power of reading in one so young! Love your story!

  8. I remember those magical trips to the library with kids....it's still magical but I sometimes forget. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. What a great story! I love the librarian's comments, and then your more cryptic reminder! I love that your girls are developing such positive beliefs about books and reading and libraries. I love how your daughter goes back to the same book over and over again! And knows how to read it! I hope you print out these posts about your girlies for their baby books or scrap books! I love them!

  10. How cute! I am so glad you shared this story with us. It's great how much the girls love to read. Adventures to the library are always fun :)

  11. I can just see those adorable little girls!!! Wonderful that they love to read as much as mommy . . . but no surprise at all ;-)))

  12. Your post brought back memories of libraries I've loved. The last time I visited Houston, I stopped by our old neighborhood library in West University. Some things were changed, but they still had the children's books upstairs. I had to go up there to sit and relive happy memories. I do believe that libraries are the most important invention ever!

  13. You write about so many joys - reading, visiting the library, being a mom. Thanks for such a happy slice of life!


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