Thursday, March 6, 2014

solsc: head-to-toe 6/31

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The slowly changing season with the sun rising earlier, P. is feeling the early morning pull.

My early morning riser was up and ready head-to-toe before I was up and ready to go.

P. has always been selecting her own clothes to wear.  She has been the leader of the two when it comes to fashion.  I always bought the cute clothes, but P. has combined pieces that I never would have thought to -- and quite honestly, she has put together some very cute outfits.  I call her my little fashionista.  Then when she receives a compliment, she just glows, and will tell me over and over that "everybody loved my outfit."  

Today was no different. 

A purple Minnie Mouse shirt over a white undershirt.  Black leggings overlaid with a black skirt.  Pink and purple socks.  Deep purple flower headband.  And jewelry to top it all off.

Her twin sister laid in bed, covering her head with her blanket, slowly not wanting to wake up.  After stretching and practically rolling out of bed, M. looks at P., slinks over to the dresser, and pulls out the exact matching outfit.  

Head-to-toe.  And to think there was a time I wasn't buying two of everything, but the girls decided to change that.  


  1. I love this!!!! This story reminds me of Lyndsey . . . she loved fashion, accessories, (especially purses) and make-up . . . hmmm no wonder she lives in New York and has the job she has! ;-) I will stay tuned for P's career choice.

  2. Good thing M has P to lead the fashion way. This does not bode well for the teenage years, better start a clothing account now.

  3. I agree with'd better start saving now. Love that she is putting together outfits that you didn't think of.

  4. I still have a 'pretend shopper' in my family...putting together outfits in her head. Those girls...they are so sweet. xo

  5. You always said "Similar, but different" and that they are - in personality, learning styles, etc. P will lead the fashion round, but M will lead the nurturing round. Sometimes it's easier to just follow was sis is wearing than to have to make a decision so early in the morning. Hugs to all, Love ya, Mom

  6. My girls are fashionistas. ;-) My oldest went from being a tomboy, wearing only sports t-shirts and basketball shorts to putting together beautiful combinations of clothing. My youngest always loved girly outfits, and always loved shoes. It's fun to see how a taste in clothes develops at such young ages - I guess it's a reflection of self and mood. Interesting, too, how twins can be so different. :-)

  7. Adorable. One day you will share this with the girls. This will make them smile.

  8. I love the tug and pull of the differences between the sisters and then at the end a strong connection.

    I hope this was fun to write.


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