Tuesday, March 4, 2014

solsc: independence 4/31

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I thought I heard the light switch click on.  I stood still for a moment waiting to hear movement.  It was a little too early for my little sunshines to rise and shine.  And, as of late, I've had to sing them awake in the morning.  

It was quiet.

I continued to get myself ready for the day.

Twenty minutes later I'm just about dressed and ready to start the girls' morning routine.  

"Mommy.  Momm-eeeee,"  P. sang from their bedroom.  "I need help."

I opened the bedroom door to find that P. had indeed been up earlier.  She was completely dressed in head-to-toe pink.  Headband pushing her hair back.  New bracelet waiting to be secured on her wrist.

She was ready to start her day.  And she did it all by herself.

I look over to M. who was still under the covers in bed.  She was stretching, trying to wake up.  Pajamas still on.  Snuggled in bed.  She'll be the one hitting the snooze button (like me).

She decided to start her day.  And then she got ready all by herself.

The independence and choices of almost-four-year-olds is fascinating to observe.  I'm not complaining, the decision to be independent can be quite helpful, especially in the rush of the morning routine.

But I don't want to lose all those moments when they do need me. 


  1. They will always need you, MIchelle, just in different ways. Personally, I loved when the boys began dressing themselves because as you said, it can be quite helpful!

  2. My first thought was same as Deb's. Soon it will be the keys to the car and an extra $20. Enjoy these moments now.

  3. No worries Michelle. . . they will always need you just different needs! I would have loved to seen the all pink outfit . . .sooooo cute!

  4. Fascinating two read how the girls started their morning differently. They are four, then eight, then eighteen. Oh, the time flies. Enjoy your mornings and evenings when they are small. The routines.

  5. I can picture them both - Ms. P (she's like Grandma - ready to get up and start her day) and yes, Ms. M will be like Mommy (a late morning riser). It's hard to believe that they will be 4 and so independent, but they will always need you in some way (we all need our Mom's). I'm sure Ms. P was well put together and Ms. M following right behind. A great way to start your morning! Love ya, Mom

  6. Some of the outfits they can come up with are pretty entertaining. My nephew once went to preschool in a football jersey and his sister's tutu. Loved getting a glimpse into your morning!

  7. The moments like these are so often nice surprises, but they are surprises. Like that song about growing up, "turn around". It's so nice you're writing about them, Michelle.

  8. I share the same sentiments as the previous comments. They will always need you! I don't see how young mothers do it. I always tell those teachers who I work with that right now mine only need food and money which makes it easier. But it is always nice to feel needed.

  9. What a sweet moment you captured. It was a good reminder to me to cherish all of the difficult and wonderful moments I have ahead since time will go so quickly. Love that she dressed herself in head to toe pink ;).

  10. I could picture it all happening as I read your words. Precious moments.

  11. Another precious capturing… I love when you write about your girls! Can't believe they are dressing themselves!

  12. Good for Miss P! I hope she continues to be the rise-and-shine girl - that's helpful! Hopefully she won't be too grumpy with Miss M if she's more of a night owl. ;)

  13. Aww, I miss this stage so much. Enjoy it!


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