Tuesday, December 29, 2015

{ah, today} #sol15

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today:  i breathe and enjoy this little life of mine

today:  is yet another amazing day that I am thankful for as life has slowed down
want to be:  focused and disciplined to take care of me - mind, body, and spiritually
blessings:  my daughters who provide me with so much happiness
thinking:  i may just kinda sorta stumbled upon my one little word for 2016
planning:  for another year full of moments, memories, and lots of stories
writing:  little these days, but with big intentions to make it a habit again starting today!
loving:  my newly published volume #9 of my slice of life writing (thanks Mom and Dad!) 
grateful:  for my loving family, supportive friends, and health

and today {again}: i breathe and enjoy this little life of mine - and an updated purplicious blog!

my olw 2015
{created with VanillaPen}

{This go-to easy-format quick-thinking in-the-moment writing idea is compliments to:}

"It's a single print out of the busy cycle of life, a pause, a way to plan, 
and to remember to breathe in the midst of the everyday." 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

{welcome december and ...} #sol15

Slice of Life is
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join in and share a slice of your life. 

I happily 
and all the holiday joys.
In less than seven days
busy with life and events 
visiting many crowded places ...

Tired eyes
Ice hockey
Sore throat
School holiday shop
Itchy red rash 
Crafts at the Bethlehem Market
Stomach ache
A visit to the doctor

Yep, strep throat for one.  
Waiting on the second.
Welcome, again December 
and all your germs.
(But don't plan on sticking around.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

{hello, december} #sol15

Slice of Life is
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join in and share a slice of your life. 

And just like that ... December arrives.

The decorations were retrieved from storage. Bins and boxes full of red and silver and sparkling lights.  The tree is standing tall and the mantle is dressed.  Little touches of the holiday sprinkled around the house.

Ella, our little elf, arrived in style today.  She arrived with a letter from Santa reminding our girls the reason for this season: to be kind to all, especially your sister, and the best gift of all, Jesus.

The beginning of the Advent season moves ahead with reading scripture each day telling the story of Jesus' birth and a piece of chocolate to savor.

Then I overheard tonight on the news about a mix of rain and snow tomorrow morning during rush hour. A slow, careful drive to school.

Hello, December!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

{a writing battle) #sol15

Slice of Life is
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join in and share a slice of your life. 

I have rarely missed a Tuesday Slice of Life over the last five years ... until this school year.  This year has provided many bumps in the road, ups and downs, straight up exhaustion.  Time, energy, and the balance of life have not been friendly.  I have not lived the writerly life.  Nor visited old and new friends to hear their stories each week.

Tuesdays would come and go.

Of course I would think about writing.  I would miss writing.  I would wonder about you.  I would ache not reading your stories.  Eventually I would open my laptop briefly. Then fight the tapping of my fingertips on my keyboard -- wondering where my story was hiding.  I have stories, just like all of you.  But my stories were captured inside me and silent.

And then Tuesday would come and go.

For me, I'm fighting my inner battles of what to share, how to share, how much to share.  It's nothing horrible, but it's life at its busiest, most stressful, trying to balance it all, and listening to that inner critic that shouts of disgust: your story is worthless, you have nothing to share, your reflections, thoughts, words are not good enough ... Yet, I know this is the story of every writer.

Tuesday would come and I would still write.

I used to write for me every Tuesday to share my words, my stories, to remember, to hold on to, to laugh and to cry, to connect, to practice and practice and write and write, to learn, to reflect, to be the writer I thought maybe I could be.  I would share stories about my daughters and stories about my students and stories about learning.  I had a story and I was willing to click that orange 'Publish' button without fear every Tuesday.  I'm not letting today come and go without stepping out on that ledge --

Tuesday is here and I'm writing.  I'm winning this writing battle.  At least for today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

{today i write} sol#15

Slice of Life is
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join in and share a slice of your life. 

It's been a very busy start 
to the school year. 

And nothing about it 
has been the usual.  

Priorities shifted and 
time has been limited.

I have not had the
thoughts or energy to share.

But today I write ... for me.
Stories about my daughters.


Last Saturday was more than just a holiday.

Sitting at the counter, eating breakfast, M. informed me that she had not one, but two wiggly teeth. Sure enough, the teeth moved slightly back and forth.  One wiggled more than the other.

We gave it a week or two.

All day long, the looser tooth was wiggled with her tongue and finger and tongue again. Back and forth.  That night the little loose tooth surprised us and fell out.

A quick message to the Tooth Fairy and a celebration of the first tooth lost!

Yet another milestone that I wasn't expecting or ready for -- and another reminder my baby girls are growing up ... and fast.

"Mommy, I look like a pumpkin now!" M. said, smiling big with a little hole in her smile.

In the meantime, her sister was a little upset that she has not one (nor two) wiggly teeth ... yet.  She decided to leave a note for the visiting Tooth Fairy.  A little insurance of securing future visits.  As a mother and teacher, this little note my five year old wrote with minimal assistance after school yesterday, just melts my heart ...

"Tooth Fairy when my first 
tooth comes out of my 
mouth I will put it in 
my tooth pocket. Tooth Fairy 
I can't wait until I get 
to see what you leave 
me. Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy I hope you 
had a nice fly (flight)."

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

{a slice of humor} #sol15

Slice of Life is
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
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At dinner the other night, just like every night, we talked about kindergarten.  I try my various ways of pulling out information from my twin daughters.  Some days there isn't much to share.  And some days ... well, I'm quite surprised what they share.

Me: So, how was school today?

M and P: (Silence.)

Me: What was your favorite part of the day? Share a "good" with me.

M and P: (Nothing but shrugs.)

Me (trying again to start a conversation): Oh, I received an email from your teacher today. She sent a letter to all the parents about some new rules.

I grabbed my phone to pull up the email and shared the first new rule.

Me:  Do you keep your hands and feet to yourself?

M: Yes, we always follow the rules.

Me: Oh, what about talking when the teacher is talking?  Do you talk when the teacher is talking, P?

P: No, but ...

Me:  Do you know someone who does talk when the teacher is talking?

P: Well ... Adrian says he want to marry me.

Me: Oh?!?

P: But I told him he has to kiss me first.

Me: Oh! No! No ... no ... no ...

P: (Walks away with her head down in tears ...)

Me:  No, honey.  Let's talk about this.  I'm sorry ... er, uh, I was just so surprised, but I'm so proud of you for sharing it with me.

M (Her sister chiming in.):  P! She just wants to have a conversation with you!

Me:  (Laughing at M and then changing the subject so that P could over hear.)

P: (Walked back into the kitchen with a blanket over her head ...)

Me: Come here. Take the blanket off your head, silly.  (I grabbed her and hugged her close to me. Close enough to whisper in her ear.)

I explained to her that I understand her thinking about weddings and kissing.  We had a great conversation about it not happening in kindergarten.  And not for a long, long time.  We talked about how they could both get into trouble.  We talked about her feelings.  We talked about how proud I was that she shared her story with me.

Oh, the innocence of a sweet kindergartener.


Follow up after a couple days:

M: Mom, I told Adrian today that he can't say he wants to marry P anymore.  If he does, then I told him that I was going to tell you.

Me:  Oh, really? What did he say?

M: Nothing.

Me: (Smiling.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

{some days} #sol15

Slice of Life is
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
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Some days ...
... are long and tiring
and I can't wait to fall 
into bed at the end of the day.

Some days ...
... are busy and quick
and I'm hoping to find
an extra hour in the day.

Some days ...
... are full and exciting
and my brain is ready
to explode.

Some days ...
... are just a day
to cross off the
quickly changing calendar.

Most days ...
 ... I need to remind myself
to stop the hurry. Wait. Breathe.
Enjoy this moment. Now.

Because somedays will be 
most days and they will
all become one day --

And I want to 
remember ...
All the days.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

(a BIG help} #sol15

The Slice of Life is
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
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Many things have changed as we opened this new chapter in our lives.  Beginning kindergarten is a BIG step, and my two daughters have made this transition with ease. (Me? That's another chapter in this story!)

One BIG difference this year is lunch. We must provide lunch on a daily basis. In years past, lunch was provided by our day care provider during the school year. But this year, we have doubled our lunch making from two to four lunches every day.

I prepared myself for the BIG feat. I purchased the best little lunch bags to provide a healthy lunch with room for lots of variety and options. (I learned about this from a first grade friend from my school after having lunch with her last year!) I printed and laminated little lunch notes with sweet little messages. I scoured Pinterest for lunch ideas and suggestions.

I was ready to go.

Until day one ... when I found my husband up early making all of our lunches. (Yes, without me asking!) And this has happened every day of school.  Four lunches, including four varieties of sandwiches.* So sandwiches take some extra time (and careful planning) to make.

Sure, I've shared my thoughts of what to sneak into the lunch or changed out the lunch notes or added a napkin.  But Daddy has taken over this BIG duty ...

And I cannot thank him enough. It's one BIG job that is time consuming and necessary every day. It's such a blessing to know that he makes all of our lunches with love.  (And I've even received a few lunch notes too!)


*One morning my husband posted on FB: How do you PB&J? I've got one PB and grape jelly, one PB and blackberry jelly, one PB and honey, and one half-and-half of PB and grape jelly and half PB and honey. :)