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So Cool

I'm sitting at the counter in the kitchen and I'm checking the comments on my Tuesday Slice of Life post and reading other slices during the girls nap.  I see my dad slide onto the computer at the desk in front of me.

I've observed over the last few days that he's good about checking the stocks
"Stocks are down 100 points."
and the weather
"Still says it's 96 degrees."
or playing a quick game of Hearts
(in which he insists he wins almost every time).

Instead, at this moment, I see him pull up my mom's blog. He reads her post and laughs about poor ol' Max trying to survive with my two little intruders.  He then scrolls through the comments and ventures over to my blog.

There is something strange or awkward or cool about seeing someone else reading your blog on their computer screen.

"Oh, I guess the next time you write you are going to have to write about your trip from the girls point of view.  And everybody loved your no to-do list!&q…

soLs: a week

A Found Poem: What Happened . . .

When Twitter is a-buzzing and I'm browsing, some days there are just too many blogs, articles, websites, etc. to check out and read thoroughly in one sitting.  So, I always have an open virtual "sticky note" on my desktop, where I drag and drop the web address to read at another time.

I had about ten sticky notes each full with at least 10, 15, or even 20 items to revisit.  Now that summer is here and I'm on vacation at my parent's house (where in the evenings there is only time for me because I'm not home thinking about everything on my to-do list), I have a little time to go back, read, reread and share.

I stumbled upon this poem from Kate Messner that I wanted to capture and remember.

Enjoy this excerpt of a found poem reminding us why we need to write and why I am so thankful for all who write books, illustrate books, and take part in any of the process of making books!  Oh, and thank you Kate Messner for this treasure!

What Happened to Your Book Todayby…

soLs: being home

Well, so, instead . . .

I committed a week and a half ago to #TeachersWrite.  I was ready to jump in and try some different writing.  I created a plan and even though I had no idea what I was going to write about -- I was going to write.

So far, I have nothing.  (Here come the excuses . . . )

Last week was the last week of school and it was crazier and busier than I ever expected.  End of the year activities and last minute projects.  Prepared treats for birthday celebrations and attended a retirement dinner and staff outing.  Volunteered at Feed my Starving Childrenwith my church community group - by the way, an awesome experience and hope to share more later!  Oh, and did I mentioned that I'm a wife, a mom of twins, and there is always a list of things to do around the house???

Yeah, it was that crazy busy!  Then I received an email:

"Oh, and that post for #IRAEngage?  Could you get that to me three weeks earlier?"

So, I was writing, just not what I thought I was going to be writing!


soLs: you can do it!

soLs: chalk one up

We played in the sand table with lots of sand coming out.  We drove our coupes "Flintstone" style in figure-eights.  We pop-pop-popped bubbles in the green green grass.  We drew pictures and words with chalk on the driveway.