Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sol: your advice

Slice of Life Stories hosted

Ah, March is arriving soon.  Spring, green, warm sunshine, and slices of life.  Oh, will I have plenty of slices to share . . .

I have 2 and 3/4 year old girls.  They are growing up crazy fast!  Yes, I said they, as in two.  I have twin daughters.  It's still wild to say (or write) those words.  Our family doubled from two to four in the matter of minutes.

And now we are quickly approaching three.

Big milestones on the horizon.

(Note to reader: I'm a little scared!?!  Times two!)

I'm still a "new mom" in these areas of parenting.  We'd like to transition from the cribs to toddler beds and potty training before that third birthday.  I have no idea how to do either, but I do know we shouldn't attempt to do both at the same time.

Here's our current situation:

The girls share a room.  They have not yet climbed out of their cribs, but they know how to push Daddy's buttons by putting their legs up on the railing.  They are also awesome sleepers!  In bed and sleep all night for eleven hours.

However, with this new added freedom, will they stay in bed?  Will they get up over and over and over?  Will they bother each other?  Will they constantly try to sneak out of their room?  How do we keep them snug as little bugs in their beds?

(Note to reader: I need a plan.  A plan for two.)

And then there is potty training.  They sit on their little potties every night.  It's part of our bedtime ritual and automatic at this point.  We started a sticker chart and already filled up a whole chart.

Last weekend, we were home all day, so I enticed the girls into practicing using the potty with new underpants.  The girls were so excited!

"Momma, I'm going to be a big girl."

I set the timer for fifteen minutes and constantly talked about having that feeling to have to tinkle.  It worked two, maybe three rotations.

Then I found one of my daughters squatting under the table and knew exactly what she was doing.  We got cleaned up, changed, and tried again.  

Timer beeped again.  She made it to the bathroom, pulled down her pants, and then standing, looking at me, she proceeded to tinkle all over not knowing what to do.  Of course I reacted, yelling to sit down on her potty, but my reaction upset her and now she was in tears.

I reminded her that it's okay and there will be accidents.  I pulled out the big girl potty book we've read and read and read that reassured her it was okay.  Her response?

"Momma, can I have a diaper now?"

My other daughter piped in: "Me too, Momma!"

(Note to reader: I need a plan.  Any plan will do for two.)

We are targeting spring break.  (Should make for a few 'accidental' slices!)  I think the hardest part is that there are TWO!  Maybe it can work to my benefit...

(Note to reader: Any words of wisdom would be helpful!  Or, at least a prayer or mantra.  We'll take all the help we can get!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

sol: happiness is

Slice of Life Stories hosted

One of my first Slice of Life Stories was a list poem: Happiness is . . . 

Gratitude lists are important to process and document all the good in our lives, whether it be something little or something BIG!

Happiness is . . .

A day off and a break from the go-go-go of school

Working out in the morning to start the day off right

An extra day with my girls playing, singing, reading, walking to the park

Two napping girls with the promise of blowing bubbles on the porch

Additional time to read (currently The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth Laban)

Checking one item off the growing to-do list

Time to actually cook a home-cooked meal

Attending an evening workshop at church with my husband

Growing in my faith and understanding of God's sovereignty

Rereading an old post inspiring today's slice of life

What's your happiness today?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

sols: who am i?

Slice of Life Stories hosted

I'm learning that I have many stories to tell.  I'm a pretty private person and it takes me time to get to know and trust and share my stories.  (Blogging with the Two Writing Teachers community has sped up the process.  Thanks for being a supportive bunch!)

I have my up and down stories about being a . . .


All of these identities have stories.  Stories that are entangled to make me me.  How do I mold and merge and conform these stories to express who I am?  How do I overlap instead of isolate my stories?

I guess I need to continue to write.

Writing alllows me to tell my stories.
Writing provides meaning in the moment.
Writing is an outward reflection of who I am.

So, I guess I need to continue to write.
And that little Slice of Life Story Challenge in March should help.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sols: just right

Slice of Life Stories hosted

A moment.

Winter has arrived.  Finally.

I love (some) winter.  Snuggling up with a good book watching the beautiful floating snowflakes fall lightly to the ground creating a blanket of white.  Enough to create piles good for sledding.  There was finally enough snow this weekend.

Swish, swish, swish, swish.  Stomp.  Stomp.  Stomp.  Stomp. 

We stood at the top, staring down the big hill in front of Nana and Papa's house.  We talked the girls into sledding down the hill with us.

It was too B I G.  
It was too fast.  
*Sno*w w*as fly*ing *in o*ur *fa*ces.*
(It was just right for Daddy and Momma.)

"All done," P. stated.

We tromped down the snow covered sidewalk and M. found a medium-sized hill and insisted on testing it out.  Many times.  All by herself!  She was thrilled with the outcome each and every time.  Not too big, not too little.  It was just right for her.

P. was not interested in this hill and asked her Daddy to help her find a hill.

"Let's go to Nana and Papa's backyard.  There's a hill there I think you might like."

P. followed closely behind Daddy.  She turned to find me.

"C'mon Momma.  We are going to find a little hill for me."

We made the trek through the snow to the backyard.  Daddy set P. up in her sled and sent her down the hill . . . maybe a total of fifteen feet.

As she slowly made her way down the slight decline, she yelled, "It's PERFECT, Momma. The perfect hill for me!"  It was just right for her.

We all have our "just right" that gives us comfort.  
Be patient because once you find it, it will bring you joy.

Winter, I'm so glad that you finally arrived!  (Just don't stick around too long.  Please.  I also love some spring.)