Saturday, March 31, 2012

solsc.2012: what now? 31/31

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End of the challenge --
What to do now?!?

Go back again and again --
look at all that you wrote.

Go back again and again --
read in delight what you created.

Go back again and again --
digest the comments and insights.

Reflect and celebrate --
you WILL be amazed!

For you are known as
 a creator, a list maker, a slicer.

For you are known as
a wordsmith, a poet, a story teller.

For you are known as
a writer.

And writers have this habit
that only writers do --

Write.  Every.  Day.
Even if it is just for you.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

solsc.2012: just another day 30/31

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Just another day, except
it was my birthday and
I had the week off (for spring break).

Just another day, except
my girls shared "Happy birthday Momma!" and
two hand drawn cards with Grandma's help.

Just another day, except
my mom wrote a sweet
tribute slice about me.

Just another day, except
I had time with my mom for
the first-of-the-season mani-pedi treat.

Just another day, except
I took time to read, closed my eyes, and
allowed myself a nap on the couch.

Just another day, except
my brother created a delicious
birthday dinner with my family.

Just another day, except
I made a wish, blew out candles
on a chocolate fudge cake.

Just another day, except
my dad and brother surprised me with
my favorite hydrangeas.

Just another day, except
I received another thoughtful gift --
a book of slices - volume two!

Just another day, except
it was a day that allowed me
the opportunity to feel really special.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

solsc.2012: wishes 29/31

Today is kind of a special day . . . it's my birthday!  Really, it's just another day.  But how do I want to remember this year?  How can I capture it here?  I've thought about it and thought about it and scribbled ideas in my notebook. I could borrow Terje's 'before and now' format.  I could write a poem.  Or, what I've learned in 36 years like Deb wrote last year. Ah, I have an idea!  Birthday wishes!  Oh, wait.  I think I did something like this last year.  Oh well, I guess I liked the idea, so I'll try it again.  (I promise not to peek until this post is complete.)

Here are 36 birthday already-came-true-wishes . . . in no particular order!

1. My two precious daughters
2. My lovey hubby
3. My supportive family - Mom, Dad, Bro Scott
4. Faith in God
5. Beautiful Grace
6. Abounding love
7. True happiness
8. Play! (My One little word)
9. Good Health
10. Words, words, words
11. Books, books, books
12. Naps 4 All
13. Sunny days
14. Highlights
15. Fresh haircut
16. Pretty jewelry
17. New purse
18. Dark chocolate
19. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
20. Laughing and laughing
21. Walks around the block
22. Screened in porch
23. Fresh bouquet of flowers
24. Smelly lotions
25. Time to enjoy life
26. Fun friends
27. Words with friends
28. Board games
29. Fire pits
30. S'mores
31. Hot cocoa
32. Chocolate cake
33. Do you see a pattern here about chocolate?
34. Pinterest
35. Writing
36. My Slice Of Life community

Cheers!  Here's to many, many more!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

solsc.2012: talk 28/31

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are the usual.

with my mom
this week
have been,
to say the least,

We've been talking
y o u.

Isn't she the sweetest?
Wow - if her students don't just love her . . . 
Isn't her family amazing?
Can you believe . . . 
I just can't imagine.

Her words are so moving.
What do you think she meant by . . . 
What a surprise!
Did you see . . .
Oh, you have to read this!

We talk
as if we have
these old friends
and their stories to share.

has brought us
closer and 
more connected.

Thank you for sharing
your words
your stories
your laughs
your tears
your lives
with us.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

solsc.2012: a first 27/31

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Some of you may be surprised, or even shocked.  I've taken the girls there on many occasions, but selfishly for my own reasons.  It would be too much for me to do on my own.  And almost-two seems like a feasible age to go . . . and survive.  So, with a little help and assistance from Grandma, we made the trip yet again, but with all intentions of letting the girls explore.

We braved the chill in the air and walked.  After arriving, we unwrapped them from their coats, hats and mittens.  Now free, they stood looking in wonder.  They turned around and their eyes widened in awe.

Running to the shelf, they began to pick up everything in sight.  One, then another, and another transported to Grandma's lap.  A stack piled up.  She laughed at their enthusiasm.

One climbed into a miniature chair next to Grandma to begin browsing.  The other still freely roamed the shelves not quite sure what she was looking for yet.  I launched into finding my own selections.

Peering through the shelves, M spotted me and giggled, "I see you." Then proceeded to survey her options.  P continued perusing with Grandma, occasionally walking back and forth to the shelf to trade in. I sat and observed in delight at the their joy and wonderment.

M slipped out of sight.  I jumped up to retrieve her and found her sitting in the play train. P decided to join her.  They peered out the windows with huge smiles, squealing, "Hiiiii!"  M stepped out, walked around to the front of the train, grabbed two items, and returned to the train, handing P one.  They sat and admired their new surroundings.

Almost an hour had passed and it was time to head home for lunch.

"P, do you want to pick one out before we go?" I asked.  I didn't even bother asking M.  She was too busy moving about to slow down to pick anything.

"Pick one!  Pick one!" P announced.  She bounded over to the shelf.

"Time to go. Let's start walking this way. We have to check these out."  I pronounced as they happily agreed to follow.

I think the girls throughly enjoyed their first real visit to our local library.  What a treat it was for all of us . . . and we survived!

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