Thursday, March 15, 2012

solsc.2012: some days 15/31

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       Why do . . .                                      Why can't . . .                 
some days feel                                   more days feel
stressful                                           relaxing
busier                                              free
full of things to do                              nothing to do
running here                                      walking there
never ending                                       slowing down
starting this -                                    finishing that -
oh, need to do that                              no need to do this
running there                                     walking here
never feel like                                    always feel like
I'm giving 100%                                   I'm giving 110%
spinning the plates                               spinning the plates
don't                                                don't
  d                                                    d
     r                                                     r 
   o                                                     o   
      p  it --                                              p  it --
oops.                                               good save.

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  1. You are so creative! I am in awe of your poetry form. What a perfect way to express the way time travels. Awesome!!

  2. This is brilliant. I was just posting on Karen's blog that I have stayed with the personal narrative format for every slice. I love that you try so many things. The form is amazing here.

  3. You are so creative Michelle!!! It would be nice if everyday was a "good save" . . . but if they were you wouldn't have been able to write such a cool and inspirational slice!!!

  4. I definitely can relate to your poem. Today, I totally had a day where I felt stressed all day long dealing with different things in my classroom. I hoping for a more relaxed day tomorrow! I like how you had the two columns with your poem. :)

  5. Wow! How do you come up with your variety of writing? I am so impressed by your creativity and innovation. I can feel that you have been having a very stressful week, but you have a good outlook of what's to come - Spring Break! Hang in there, only one more week to go! Love ya M

  6. Neat post! I love the two columns and how they contradict each other.
    Don't forget - you've got lots of people around you to help keep the plates spinning, as well as sweep up when one falls.

  7. Love the two voice poem...inspirational...
    there are those days....

  8. Love the two stanzas in your poem. I especially like the way you played with the white space when you wrote it.

    I'm with you. More relaxing days are needed around here too!

  9. May be because there are more stressful days we appreciate and enjoy the relaxing ones more. Just pondering along with you. Can't do it in a poem format. The double poem format you used is super.

  10. This form fits your words perfectly and I love, absolutely love, the d r o p i t with the nice save at the end. Even the words on the right hand side 'feel' more easy and relaxed. I love this poem, Michelle!

  11. This is a cool form! I'm going to use this as inspiration to build a "two minds" exercise for my poetry writing workshops. Sweet super-clever slicing! :)

  12. Such a creative format! I love the parallel structure - I will have to try this with my kiddos.

  13. Great are getting very clever with your poetry. I like the side by side format. Nice job

  14. I love the two voice contrast here. Brilliant

  15. You keep coming up with fresh ideas! Your posts make me want to push my craft. Thank you.

  16. Love not only the poetry, but the side by side format!! How close relaxing and stressed can be to one another.

  17. Ruth is right - WOW. This is so cool. I saved this one. I want to try something like this someday. Talent!


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