Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Some of you may be surprised, or even shocked.  I've taken the girls there on many occasions, but selfishly for my own reasons.  It would be too much for me to do on my own.  And almost-two seems like a feasible age to go . . . and survive.  So, with a little help and assistance from Grandma, we made the trip yet again, but with all intentions of letting the girls explore.

We braved the chill in the air and walked.  After arriving, we unwrapped them from their coats, hats and mittens.  Now free, they stood looking in wonder.  They turned around and their eyes widened in awe.

Running to the shelf, they began to pick up everything in sight.  One, then another, and another transported to Grandma's lap.  A stack piled up.  She laughed at their enthusiasm.

One climbed into a miniature chair next to Grandma to begin browsing.  The other still freely roamed the shelves not quite sure what she was looking for yet.  I launched into finding my own selections.

Peering through the shelves, M spotted me and giggled, "I see you." Then proceeded to survey her options.  P continued perusing with Grandma, occasionally walking back and forth to the shelf to trade in. I sat and observed in delight at the their joy and wonderment.

M slipped out of sight.  I jumped up to retrieve her and found her sitting in the play train. P decided to join her.  They peered out the windows with huge smiles, squealing, "Hiiiii!"  M stepped out, walked around to the front of the train, grabbed two items, and returned to the train, handing P one.  They sat and admired their new surroundings.

Almost an hour had passed and it was time to head home for lunch.

"P, do you want to pick one out before we go?" I asked.  I didn't even bother asking M.  She was too busy moving about to slow down to pick anything.

"Pick one!  Pick one!" P announced.  She bounded over to the shelf.

"Time to go. Let's start walking this way. We have to check these out."  I pronounced as they happily agreed to follow.

I think the girls throughly enjoyed their first real visit to our local library.  What a treat it was for all of us . . . and we survived!

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  1. Yes, it was a delight to see and share in. The girls definitely take after Mamma in the reading area. P devoured the books we brought home - she's "read" them several times thru already and M is close behind. Read this one, no this one, or how about this one, Grandma. I'm lovin' it!!!

    Love ya M

  2. Aww, I love this first. My boys adore the library and were always so excited when they were allowed to get a library card in first grade.

  3. You had me guessing where you were in the beginning, but slowly I caught on. What a fun peek into the life of a two year old. What lucky little girls to live in such a literate home.

  4. I just knew it was something like that-maybe a children's bookstore. Our library has the most spacious place for the children's part. I can just imagine your girls looking and peeking and running from shelf to shelf. Nice memory of this first time, Michelle!

  5. So, so, so sweet! Your girls will always associate books with grandma and joy!

  6. Dear Michelle,
    It is understandable that with two little ones you don't want to let them loose without another adult. It's great that Grandma was there to assist with the first exploration. Turned out to be a super positive experience for all of you.
    Thank you for your good wishes today.

  7. I'm the reading teacher in the house and my husband always has taken my daughter to the library. He even picks up books for me. They are never too youung to start. How exciting.

  8. I loved wondering where you were--I'm reading it again to see what made me guess the beach! I have wonderful memories of going to the library. So special to share it with Grandma!

  9. Michelle,
    Hey! Love your post about the library visit! How special for them and you to be there with your mom too! There's just something so magical about your own children's literacy journey! I think the library is a wonderful location to visit!

  10. Oh loved this! Loved the surprise ending and the joy I felt with you-through you- from your words.
    Too cute!

  11. Michelle,
    How fun! I used to love to take my kids to the library. Sometimes we would take the longer journey to the downtown library which was much bigger. The kids loved looking through the books, reading in the indoor treehouse, and spending time on the computers. I have a feeling you won't sneak out to the library too easily in the future. I know a couple of girls that will want to come along.



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