Thursday, March 22, 2012

solsc.2012: blink 22/31

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Accidents happen
in the blink of an eye

Missed it by mere minutes
arriving to the leftover scene
Slowly gaping and calculating
what could have transpired

Two usual days ahead
One young teen to school
One elderly running errands
Two lives collided

Cra     - sh

Two lives changed
One sobbing in fear
One sitting rigid in shock
Two unsure of driving again

Startling reminder
To slow down, be alert 
Sweet precious irreplaceable
cargo on board

In the blink of an eye
Accidents happen

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  1. Wow--great job in a few words of painting a picture of the event. I love the first and last stanzas and how you flipped them...

  2. I agree with Deb - the connection between first and last stanzas is powerful. It is so true that the precious cargo in the back makes us much more thoughtful about how we drive.
    Great post!

  3. Great poem. I'm with Deb and Karen, I love the connection between the first and last stanzas.

  4. This is a good reminder of how quickly things can happen. I'm so glad that you came after it was over. You have become very adept at writing poems (among other things). Be careful and alert - just a Mom reminder. Love ya M

  5. Gosh Michelle, I say this all the time when I'm fact I wrote about this last year on my bolg. I will never understand why people are in such a something that important??? Very powerful!

  6. You can fit the description, emotion and thought perfectly into a poem. Safe driving!

    1. I wanted to add that I am sorry for anyone being in the accident and I am glad that you and your girls were safe.

  7. Really powerful poem! I always think about that when I'm driving, especially since the one accident I've had was on a road I'm not usually on, at a time I'm not usually driving. I like how you showed the two perspectives of the teenager and old person; how they were different and yet the same.

  8. I've been in near misses several times, so this poem really speaks to me. How quickly our lives can change! I love the shape of your poem, it adds to the impact! Very powerful!

  9. Your poem gave me goosebumps. I came upon a similar accident today and had similar thoughts, though nowhere near as well-articulated as yours!

  10. With all of these great poems you are going to have to consider writing every day next month for National Poetry Month!

  11. Nicely written. I like the word choice. Powerful imagery. Thank you!


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