Tuesday, December 8, 2015

{welcome december and ...} #sol15

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I happily 
and all the holiday joys.
In less than seven days
busy with life and events 
visiting many crowded places ...

Tired eyes
Ice hockey
Sore throat
School holiday shop
Itchy red rash 
Crafts at the Bethlehem Market
Stomach ache
A visit to the doctor

Yep, strep throat for one.  
Waiting on the second.
Welcome, again December 
and all your germs.
(But don't plan on sticking around.)


  1. It's that time of the year. So busy and not enough rest. Hoping and praying they will soon be well. Stay healthy yourself. Love ya bunches, Mom

  2. Oh, yes. As we call it in my family, "the sickness" is creeping around. Stay well, Michelle.

  3. Sending you warmth and health. I hope that even when you don't have time to blog, you have few minutes a day to jot in a journal.

  4. We welcome December and the month hits us over the head with illness. We've got it here too. It's the pits.

    Hoping your month looks up!

  5. I remember those days. xo
    (How can it be two years later now? I've been peeking back to see if I missed any slices over the years. xo)


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