Tuesday, November 3, 2015

{today i write} sol#15

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It's been a very busy start 
to the school year. 

And nothing about it 
has been the usual.  

Priorities shifted and 
time has been limited.

I have not had the
thoughts or energy to share.

But today I write ... for me.
Stories about my daughters.


Last Saturday was more than just a holiday.

Sitting at the counter, eating breakfast, M. informed me that she had not one, but two wiggly teeth. Sure enough, the teeth moved slightly back and forth.  One wiggled more than the other.

We gave it a week or two.

All day long, the looser tooth was wiggled with her tongue and finger and tongue again. Back and forth.  That night the little loose tooth surprised us and fell out.

A quick message to the Tooth Fairy and a celebration of the first tooth lost!

Yet another milestone that I wasn't expecting or ready for -- and another reminder my baby girls are growing up ... and fast.

"Mommy, I look like a pumpkin now!" M. said, smiling big with a little hole in her smile.

In the meantime, her sister was a little upset that she has not one (nor two) wiggly teeth ... yet.  She decided to leave a note for the visiting Tooth Fairy.  A little insurance of securing future visits.  As a mother and teacher, this little note my five year old wrote with minimal assistance after school yesterday, just melts my heart ...

"Tooth Fairy when my first 
tooth comes out of my 
mouth I will put it in 
my tooth pocket. Tooth Fairy 
I can't wait until I get 
to see what you leave 
me. Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy I hope you 
had a nice fly (flight)."


  1. Priceless Michelle! Wow am so impressed with her story to the tooth fairy! And yes they are growing up fast! hope all is well. xoxo

  2. I immediate wondered what the sister would think about that 'first' tooth out, & what a nice thing she did to write a note. Sweet to see & hope a tooth loosens soon! Nice to hear from you Michelle.

  3. How precious! Just like P to cover all her bases. It is definitely a challenge when one experiences something monumental and the other doesn't. I'm sure that will happen many times as they grow. Thanks for sharing. So happy you found the time to share. Hugs. Love ya bunches, Mom

  4. Amazing writing! Oh the joys of visiting fairies!

  5. Oh, this is so sweet! I hope she loses a tooth quickly - waiting can be torture, especially when your sister already did!!

  6. Loosing the first tooth - what a milestone! Writing such a long letter - wow! Writing a blog post - thank you!

  7. What a super fabulous letter! And she is just in kindergarten? Those are special keepsakes along with Santa letters - absolutely the best!

  8. A great story! I love the letter! Glad you are back, we've missed your voice.

  9. Wow! She's a writer just like her mom!


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