Monday, March 31, 2014

solsc: Goodbye and Hello! 31/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
Join us for a month of writing!


The last day of spring break
after nine days with
my girls playing and singing
and enjoying our time together
disregarding any schedule
saying, "Goodbye, I'll miss you today."

The first day back to school after 
nine days of spring break
tired eyes, but happy faces
listening to all that happened
and (hopefully) talking about books read
saying, "Hello, I missed you!"

The last day of cold, snowy
wintery weather with
the last piles of snow melting
and time to put the bulky warm coat 
away for good ... maybe until Friday,
saying, "Goodbye.  It's time to leave."

The first day of spring-like weather
sunshine and blue skies
playing in the backyard noticing
green sprouts in the garden
awakening after the long winter
saying, "Hello! It's about time!"

The last day of a month long 
writing challenge where for me
the writing was manageable
sharing slices of my life,
but the time for commenting proved difficult
saying, "Goodbye, it's been an amazing month!"

The first day of a new year
of Tuesday Slice of Life writing
begins again tomorrow,
saying, "Hello ... again! I can't wait 
to get another chance to hear 
your story and leave you a comment!"



  1. I'm so thankful we said "Hello" to each other last summer! <3

    (Still winter here. Blizzard last week. Ice storm today.)

  2. It has been amazing month indeed. Goodbye, March! Hello, April!

  3. It's been so lovely, Michelle, to check in on you and your goings on, See you on Tuesdays, still!

  4. That is the rhythm of life, Michelle, isn't it Hello and Goodbye! Thank you for sharing the pattern of days in your part of the world! :)

  5. It's been a good month, especially the last week spent with you and the girls, hubby and S & J. Hello to April and Spring and Good bye to cold wintery weather. Love ya, Mom

  6. Love the style of your poem! Here's to good bye to winter and hello to warm weather and sunshine!

  7. Love the structure you chose, Michelle. Hello for Tuesday!

  8. I keep wanting to sing, "You say goodbye and I say hello, hello, hello!" by the Beatles! Love this format. We had a gorgeous day today! The kids were loving it!

  9. I love the ebb & flow of goodbye vs. hello, Michelle -- just perfect for this year when April 1st is a Tuesday! Commenting has been my struggle this year too, especially with trying to comment on all my students' posts. I'm planning to dive back into deeper relationships on Tuesdays -- see you then! :-)

  10. This is great! Good-bye to the month challenge, and Hello to the Tuesday post.

  11. One of my favorite Beatles songs! I love how your good-byes became hellos. I'm so jealous of your spring days. I am longing to say hello to spring!

  12. This is wonderful! The contrasts between hellos and goodbyes is just awesome. I enjoy reading all of your poems but this may be one of my favorites. I'm glad that we said "hello" to each other during the March challenge. Thanks for all of your kind comments. They were so encouraging to me. I look forward to more hellos on the Tuesdays to come.


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