Sunday, March 16, 2014

solsc: tears of joy 16/31

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My daughters are going to be four in less than two months.  How that times goes so fast is beyond me.  We have thousands of photographs uploaded.  We took hours and hours of video.  We made DVDs for the first year of their life.  Then we stopped.  

For some reason, our "anybody can make a video" in iMovie on the Mac computer wouldn't work.  (An error regarding the size of the video or lack of space on the computer.)  So, the video transfer to DVD didn't happen.  Videos waited on the computer.  It's a permanent item on our to-do list to make the DVDs.  Every break I had from school, my husband reminded me of my one and only task:  figure out how to make the DVDs.

I failed.  I didn't figure it out.  I didn't make the DVDs.  

Over the next two years, we crammed whatever video we could on the video camera knowing the video space was filling up.  Thankfully, we also both purchased iPhones, so short videos were easy to collect.  Yet, we still had the looming task of making the DVDs..   (And now the idea of assembling all those iPhone videos seems daunting!) 

My husband finally did some research this week and tackled the project on Saturday.  This led to pulling out some of the original DVDs and sharing them with the girls.

The girls love hearing stories about when they were babies.  They also love looking at Grammy's scrapbook of each of them as babies.  They have not watched any of the videos.  They have not seen me pregnant.  They have not seen themselves in action as babies. Then to watch the videos, we were all enthralled.  And then I started crying.

"Mommy, why are you crying?  Are you okay?" M. asked with concern.

"Oh, I'm okay.  It's just so emotional and to see you both so little and healthy..."

"But, why are you crying?" She asked again.

"She's crying happy tears, M.  She's just so happy that we have both of you," Daddy interjected trying to help explain while I tried to get a hold of myself.  I don't think M. really accepted that answer, but to make me feel better, she wiped my tears from my cheeks and snuggled into me to watch more baby videos.

I am so happy those DVDs are being made.  More movie time on Saturdays.  More special moments to relive.  More tears of joy.


  1. M - our nurturer in action. So glad that you have finally figured out how to make the DVD's. I can only imagine how the girls reacted to seeing themselves on the TV. Yes, it's hard to believe that in another month they will be four. They are growing up way too fast. Can't wait for our visit. Love ya, Mom

  2. This is so wonderful, Michelle. One thing I love about technology is our ability to capture those little moments that would be lost if not for the phone in our pocket...

  3. Beautiful! I love watching old family movies. They are special. Perhaps I should tackle some old movies that are still on the camera....

  4. Oh, what an incredible moment!
    And your DVDs will bring endless more.

  5. Awww it is frustrating but glad hubby figured it out! These movies are priceless filled with so many memories . . . and just think how many more years of memories. Every year near the girls' birthday I know I say the same thing . . . "I remember the day you told me you were having twins!" Boy you are right time goes by in a flash! Reaffirms my slice today even more. . .

  6. Glad you have figured it out, as others above have said. My son-in-law has created movies for us from old tapes & we enjoy watching them so much.

  7. My girls are always watching the old movies my husband put together. But, they are still growing and changing - 17,15, and 12. We are still challenging ourselves to keep up with it. The funning thing is, they are the ones making the videos now!

  8. How exciting and wonderful that your daughters are getting to watch videos of 'when they were younger.' I'm so glad you have these keepsakes now. These are prices memories. :)

  9. What a beautiful story. I can imagine the girls asking to see the videos again and again and again~

  10. Being a mom means lots of tears - happy and sad! Your girls are so sweet and caring. Enjoy your videos!


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