Wednesday, March 12, 2014

solsc: date night 13/31

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Wednesday night is date night.  A night out of the house with my husband without the girls.  We usually go out to dinner.  Then after an hour or so of eating and talking, we try to figure out what else we could possibly do before heading home.  (Even though that is usually my first choice.)  

It's funny that we actually have a hard time trying to decide what to do.  We have ended up at the library or the bookstore.  (I love those date nights!)  Or, we will stop by a store to shop without little ones begging us to leave as soon as we walk through the doors.  Most date nights, we are so tired, we end up heading home and relaxing on the couch together.  (Of course, after we know for sure the girls are in bed and sleeping.)

Last night, my hubby made different plans for date night.  He said to change into workout clothes.  (Really?)  He made sure I had my YMCA card.  (Tonight?)  He's really going to make me workout on date night?

Uh, yeah, he did.

But he planned more than a workout.  He reserved a court for us to play racquetball.  (Note:  I have NEVER played racquetball.)  Four years ago, before the girls were born, I took tennis lessons.  I learned quickly that racquetball and tennis are two very different sports.  

I struggled in the beginning and was afraid of getting pegged by the ball.   I hugged the wall.  I covered my head.  I screamed. (I screamed screamed screamed.) My voice echoed in the court.  

Yet, my husband wanted to teach me.  He gave me supportive tips.  He made me practice my swing.  He yelled out my next move.  Within the hour, he complimented me on my progress.  I'm no match for him, but I can see why he plays racquetball for fun.

And it was quite a workout.  My face was red.  I was sweating.  My heart was pounding.  I was a little out of breath.  It was a better workout than a quick walk on the treadmill.  He said I would be sore today.  (Ouch.)

 I think we may have a new date night ritual.


  1. So glad you and hubby are carving out the time to grow in your relationship. You both need that time for you and each other. I don't think racquetball would be my first choice, but it did get you out and moving and exercising. Way to go hubby! Love ya, Mom

  2. Sounds like a great date! You've given me ideas for my next night out.

  3. That sounds like so much fun! It's great that you and your husband reserve that time every week to spend with each other. Your husband sounds like a good one--coming up with creative new things to add to a date night and also involving you in one of his own hobbies. Hope you aren't too sore today! =)

  4. My husband and I had Wednesday date night too, a chance to connect and as you said, without the kids monopolizing the time together, that's for all the other days, right? I hope you eventually enjoyed yourself, Michelle. It sounds like fun!

  5. That's one memorable date night. Sensible that you have the date night scheduled for each Wednesday, you can't forget each other while busy with little kids.

  6. I hope you got a great dinner afterwards! A fun way to get a workout and yet play. You may have discovered a new sport for you.

  7. So glad you guys make time for Date Night! And this one sounds like it was super fun!

  8. Crazy Jon, making you sweat on date night! (Sounds like you had fun...."I screamed screamed screamed!") LOL

  9. Awesome.

    Absolutely awesome. :)


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