Monday, March 17, 2014

solsc: it happens 17/31

March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
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Every once in awhile it happens.
Life with toddlers is exhausting.

We're on the go and keeping busy.
Going, and moving, and doing.  

playing games
dressing up
lots of laughing
coloring projects
hair accessories
keeping the peace
baby doll dressing
puzzle making
sometimes crying
tea parties
always enjoying

During the weekend we try.  
And yesterday I did it too.

Every once in awhile it happens.
A nap.  A much needed nap.


  1. A nap for you? Or the girls? Or both!, hope it was you!

  2. I'm babysitting for my toddler grandson for two weeks at their house. It is surely an active age, and I am thankful for his nap times though I haven't been able to take one myself yet!

  3. Forever...naps are God's good gift to all of us. xo

  4. I love naps! I hope everyone was rested and happy after the nap.

  5. Those much needed and often desired naps. So glad all of you were able to get a refreshing nap and waking up to smiling, cheerful faces. Love ya, Mom

  6. YAY for naps! I love how you write about your girls, I wish I had blogged when my children were younger. They are going to have some precious treasures when they get older because of your writing.

  7. You sure sound like a busy momma. I'm glad you got to take a nap...gotta fill the cup sometimes so you can get ready to pour it back out again. :)

  8. Those napping days are numbered, so take advantage when you can. Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to steal a few quiet moments and rest your eyes.

  9. Yea unfortunately during the week you can't take advantage of naps. Hope you took the time for yourself!

  10. Sorry, it must be that transitional time for the girls to begin giving them up. Hope you mean all of you got the nap!


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