Friday, March 28, 2014

solsc: won't/will 28/31

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As my spring break slows to an end, Chris got me thinking with her slice from yesterday.   I suggested in my comment that her format would be a great mentor text and writing prompt for students as they return from spring break.  And, so, she also provided me with the perfect format for my slice!

Spring break has been a gift.  A gift of time.  A gift of together.  A gift of relaxation.

What I won't miss about this week:
The cold (and snowy) first days of spring
Being the ice skating mom (that's dad's job)
The girls not always being loving to each other
Planning and preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Keeping the girls busy and happy ALL day
Patience during nap time (every other day)
The stay-at-home-mom exhaustion
The lack of school-related stresses that will begin again Monday

What I will miss about this week:
Slow mornings (no hurry hurry!)
Time with my parents
All the conversations
Laughing so much (four year olds are funny)
Middle of the day rest, relaxation, and naps
Stopping by the library whenever
Shopping during the day (without feeling rushed)
Enjoying every minute with my girls

And I must remember this gift I have enjoyed.  This gift of time together.


  1. Happy that you've had this week, with all the family, Michelle. It's been such a winter, & perhaps our "spring" breaks will mean it really is spring weather! I went to school without a coat today-heavenly!

  2. I like the format of this post! It's great to see both sides of the gift-what you will and won't miss. That way, when you go back to school next week, it's kind of like a different type of gift! It won't be too long before you get to enjoy the gift of summer vacation!

  3. I like this format a lot, too. Love the honesty and looking at both sides.

  4. It's true "time" we never have enough especially when it's time with family, friends and for ourselves!

  5. Great way to look at this week, Michelle. Truly a gift to all of us. So glad we're a part of this spring break week. Love ya, Mom

  6. Time is always a gift. It will pass quickly now that we are on the downhill slide of the school year. I loved how you phrased the things you will not miss.

  7. "The gift of time together" - best gift ever. I like the format you used.

  8. I think the chance to not rush and take it easy was what I miss most from my spring break. This week back has been go, go, go. I like this format and want to use it as a writing prompt at some point.

  9. I am on spring break now! Wonder what mine would look like if I did this next Friday!

  10. I love this format too! Breaks lead us to such wonderful gifts such as time, togetherness, and relaxation. Enjoy these last couple of days!

  11. I'm tucking away this format for another day, had a wonderful week, judging from that second stanza.

  12. And now I have an activity for next Friday before break (the 5 word activity from Live, Love, Laugh, I think) and now "What I Won't Miss and What I Will Miss," a nice break from sharing highs and lows from our spring break. I do love meandering through blogs. Hurray for slow mornings and enjoying every minute with your girls.

  13. I love love love the way you wrote it!
    "The gift of time together"...says so much.


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