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{pen pals} #sol19

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Lisa sent me a message at the beginning of summer wondering if my girls would be interested in a summer pen pal with her daughter.

"Yes!!" They shouted. And they waited for the first letter to arrive.

It arrived one late afternoon as I was making dinner. They ripped open the envelope and read the note together with pure excitement. I have the image of them huddled together reading it aloud. I wish I grabbed my phone to capture a picture.

Within minutes, they each grabbed a notecard and a pen. Standing at the counter, they began responding.

Of course, the teacher in me wanted to walk them through the process of responding to the letter and asking new questions. Yet, they were busy writing while I finished up dinner.

"Dinner is ready, guys! Let's eat!"

"Done! I finished my letter."

"Me too! I even filled out the envelope!"

And, so, the letters were sent as is -- I let go and allowed the girls to own this new pen pal experience. We headed to the post office the next day to purchase international stamps.

Because how cool is it to have a pen pal that lives in Canada! The girls (and I) can't wait for the next letter!


  1. Your piece shows such excitement!

  2. It's so exciting on our end as well! We are working on the reply today. I need to go to the post office for something else, so today is our self-imposed deadline! It's a great way to get my daughter to practice her writing. She's loving the idea of having friends from far away.

  3. How exciting for the girls and what a great experience to share. As time goes on, they will develop into great letter writers (an art that is almost non-existent). I got my first pen pal when I was 10 and we still communicate some 60 years later! Hugs, Mom

  4. I am happy that writing brings your girls joy! How can your girls be nine already? Then I remember that my little one is fourteen.

  5. What a great, authentic audience for their writing! Thanks for sharing!

  6. So easy to feel the excitement through your words!


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