Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SOLS: Do You Ever Get the Feeling?

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Do you ever get the feeling
of being pulled this way and that?
t     h    i     n
in all directions?
Trying your best to please them all?
Agreeing to help out whenever you can?
Giving 110% while trying to
Balance this delicate life
of home and school?

But everyone needs you

I need me now. 
 I need me time. 
I need me back.

I need 


  1. Time to slip off to your local coffee place and enjoy a few minutes with a good book or your own journal. Time for you is always worth it!!

  2. OMG I LOVE your poem! This is EXACTLY how I have been feeling lately! (Literally, I cried on Sunday night b/c I didn't want to go back to work b/c I've been so stressed lately.) Although I love teaching... I just don't always love the craziness of the job and all the attached stresses! Thanks for speaking the words my heart has been trying to say!

  3. Love you poem. The questions drew me in and I was nodding in agreement throughout. Me time. Precious.

  4. My grandmother & I used to talk about this, long ago. She had five children, and later, a job. She said she used to take a walk after dinner for about a half hour. No one could come with her; it was her time. I believe it kept her sane. So even through the years, women have wanted this 'me time'. Great poem. I liked the feeling you expressed "stretched thin in all directions", & the way you showed it. Best wishes!

  5. The arrangement of your words is so powerful in communicating emotion. I am glad you found time for YOU long enough to share your thoughts with us!

  6. Sounds like time to slip into something comfy, put on your prayer shawl, sip a cup of tea and RELAX - even if it's only 5 minutes before the next person starts pulling you in another direction. Great poem that expresses your feelings and helps you recognize that you do need some "ME" time.

    Love ya, M

  7. The answers to your questions: yes, yes, yes.
    I hope that you got some time for yourself the other day.
    You expressed powerfully what many people think.


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