Monday, March 12, 2012

solsc.2012: ode to the ordinary 12/31

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So much to do
So much to think
So much to remember

New password
Slice idea #1
Phone number

Bring diapers
Check out blog
Slice idea #2

Slice idea #3
Books to read
Words I love

Slice idea #4
Bring treats Fri.
Make appointment

So much to remember
So much to think
So much to do

Yellow, green, pink
Virtual on my screen
They are everywhere --

I love you . . .
sticky notes.

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  1. Fun, I love this poem to the sticky notes. I adore them too.

  2. Sticky notesfun poem. They sure help us juggle.

  3. stickies...what an awesome invention...I love the bright colors, but the faded cheap versions that are provided at school... I detest...they feel like an assignmnet to me... love love your poem

  4. Great poem. Don't you wish you had invented the sticky note? And now you don't even need them as paper, just put one on your computer screen! Love ya M

  5. I bow my head to the sticky notes. They rule! The best part is crumpling them up and throwing away. How does that work on a screen?

    1. Throwing away because I accomplished something.

  6. Waht would we do without sticky notes? Your poem is a great tribute to these lifesavers!

  7. So much to remember! I feel your brain pain. I hate it when I write a note but then it doesn't make sense to me later. That's aggravating!
    Love this poem!

  8. I don't know how to do sticky notes on the computer, but I think I need to. I love 'em, especially the colored ones, in real life! Fun!

  9. I love your poem! The sticky note is the greatest mom invention ever! I don't know who created them, but they must have been invented for busy moms who don't have the time or ability (and sometimes the desire) to remember everything. Personally, I wouldn't survive without my sticky notes!


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