Wednesday, March 14, 2012

solsc.2012: couch shopping 14/31

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Couch shopping.  Two words I didn't think I would hate.  But, we need a new couch.  I want a new couch.  But . . . Oh. The. Decisions!

I felt just like Goldilocks --

Pick a couch?

This one is too big.
This one is too small.
This one is just right!

Pick a fabric?

This one is too rough.
This one is too plain.
This one is just right!  
(Right? I don't know . . . is it?)

Pillow options?

This one is too busy.
This one is too fancy.
This one is just right!

We hemmed and hawed.  Closed one eye.  Imagined what it would look like.  Thought about what it would feel like.   It's hard to picture a whole couch with only one little swatch of fabric.

We finally selected a couch, fabric and pillows.   Whew . . . I think we made the right choices.

Now, we must wait.

I can't wait to feel like Goldilocks again and fall asleep on my new couch.

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  1. I completely sympathize. We desperately need a living room rug and a new couch. I keep putting it off because it is too hard to choose. Love the poem!

  2. Furniture shopping is always a challenge. There are so many choices and you have expressed that in your poem and I like how you associated your decision making process with Goldilocks. Can't wait to try it out! Love ya M

  3. You are so funny Michelle...because I feel like I do the same thing but the bad thing my last couch purchase...well let's just say what was I thinking????

  4. Haha...we went through this a couple of years ago. My husband is very OCD we buy things. I send him first to narrow down the choices, but even then, it is a hard decision to make.

  5. Love the Goldilocks approach in the poem. Is this going to be a snowball effect? Now we have a new couch, the paint in the room needs to change, then the end tables, and on and on.
    I hate making big purchase decisions and then I have to live with it because you can't exchange it. I'm sure you made the right choice.

  6. Do we get to see a photo of it when it arrives?

    (BTW: When I saw couch shopping, I thought you were doing e-shopping from your couch. Silly me!)

    1. Dont' worry, Stacey - I thought the same thing!

  7. Well said...too many choices, too little time. We need a new one too, but neither my husband not I can face the idea of shopping for them.

  8. I understand that small swatch dilemma. We just got a new chair for my husband and I guessed wrong with our small swatch. Oh well...

    I'm sure you did a much better job. It will be great and oh-so-comfortable.

  9. What a creative way to share your thoughts. I love the structure. Fantastic sharing of the thoughts you were having. Enjoy.

  10. Love how you wove in the "too this" and "too that" tying it all together with a Goldilocks ending!

  11. It is such a commitment, isn't it? I love the hunt, but dread the commitment. I, too, like the format of this and the repetitive structure of the Goldilocks story.


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