Tuesday, March 20, 2012

solsc.2012: shoe shopping 20/31

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Shoe shopping with two almost-two year olds:

"All done now."
Squirming out of my lap.

Throwing the shoes on the floor.

"Shoes off."
Grabbing at the new shoes on their feet.

Sprinting through the bra department with Dadda chasing after.

"Shoes on."
Relocating the shoes on display.

"No sit."
Climbing down off of the chairs. 

Dropping to the floor not wanting to be held.

The stress on my husband's face said it all.  Yet, I forced myself to laugh out loud.  What else was I to do?  My glances around the store met eyes with another mom with three girls sitting calmly around her, all staring in our direction.

"Sorry," I mouthed.  "Want to trade?" I jokingly said.

"Oh, please don't be sorry!  I'm reminiscing.  I have triplets." Pointing to the mature girls shopping patiently.  "And we have been there many times before!"

Two little girls.  One BIG word:  Exhausted.

And we left the store without buying a single pair of shoes.  This means we will try again another day.  Rest up.  And bring reinforcements! (Oh, Grandma!)

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  1. Oh. my. gosh. This sounds worse than shopping for tennis shoes with teenagers. Who can never find anything that costs less than $150. Joking aside, one of my most vivid memories of shopping with my niece involved a pair of glittery red shoes. That cost almost $100. That my two-year-old niece really, really wanted. And that my sister was not willing to buy. We carried her screaming through the shopping mall. Yikes! (Later found a similar pair at Target for $29!) Happy shopping.

  2. LAUGH!

    Thankfully we don't deal with this when it comes to shoes. But I completely sympathize with this scene. God bless parents of multiples.

  3. I seem to remember doing this last summer - chasing M up and down the aisles. Can't wait to experience it once again. Yes, all we can do is laugh. Don't you wonder what's going thru their minds. Who wants to wear shoes anyway!!! Love ya M

  4. When I read shoe shopping I thought "good!" Then I read with 2 two year olds "uh-oh" is what came to mind. I see uh-oh was the appropriate response. You are brave, but at least reinforcements are coming. Good luck on the next trip.

  5. I can't imagine doing any shopping with twins! Maybe when your mom is there you could take them one at a time! Loved this line "Two little girls. One BIG word: Exhausted." It seemed to say it all!

  6. Oh Michelle, I remember those days with Jason and Lyndsey..and I loved every minute! And good for you to laugh at the wonderful memories that you are making with them! Loved it!!!

  7. Oh, I just giggled out loud. Any mother would look at you with pure sympathy. I remember when grocery trips used to be enjoyable. No longer. Kids make life a little more interesting don't they? Good luck on round 2.

  8. What a fun post. Well, probably not fun for you at the time, but I think we all have memories of days just like that. I miss them. The way you decided to structure your post really helped to understand the two agendas. I could see the story from both sides. The changes in font really helped to make your point. Hopefully, you'll soon find shoes. You know, we are getting closer to the season for bare feet...lol.


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  10. I have heard horror stories about shoe shopping with kids. It is a daunting task. You captured it perfectly. I like the ease with which you showed the dialogue (of the kids and the adults).

  11. I was laughing right there with you. Parenting, what a funny adventure that leaves you laughing and crying simultaneously.

  12. I'm with Elsie -- I thought I'd be reading a post about how you had such a great time shoe shopping for yourself. What fun (since it wasn't happening to me) to read your actual intent. The picture of your husband chasing girls through the bra department will keep me chuckling all day long.


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