Sunday, March 18, 2012

solsc.2012: neighbors 18/31

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                    Warmer temperatures 
                    bring out all creatures
                    from hibernation
                    after the winter season.

                                        A night out
                                        in the backyard
                                        under the stars
                                        no need to dress up --

                                                            Sitting, relaxing
                                                            catching up
                                                            talking, laughing
                                                            enjoying the company --

                                                                                Around the
                                                                                glowing fire pit
                                                                                with our neighbors
                                                                                and good friends.

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  1. Your idea that even people come out of hibernation is catching. Can you believe it is happening so early this year??

  2. I'm so glad we've all been able to come out of hibernation early this year. Love the visual you create of you and your neighbors around the fire.

  3. Love the color choices for your fonts--going from the dark of winter to the light of spring! A wonderful poem that captures the relaxed mood of spring.

  4. Michelle I was just thinking as I was driving yesterday..."where were all these people a few weeks ago? Hibernating . . . like me! My neighborhood was alive with sounds!

  5. Perfect! As my husband and I drove home Friday night, I marveled at all the people sitting out enjoying fires in their yards. Here's to enjoying the wonderful weather

  6. Not only good words, but the colors match so perfectly. People here are mowing grass (?), tilling soil and simply enjoying the outdoors. Winter does make us all hibernate. Spring brings out the best in everything! Love ya M

  7. I am glad you had such a wonderful time with your friends.

  8. Love the flow of your hubby and son had a fire last night...

  9. Yes, can you believe it--March!!! Do I rake the leaves now from the blossoming flowers????????

  10. haha, I liked the first stanza -- how fun to discover that the "creatures" were you and your neighbors! I also love the line "no need to dress up". This weather is amazing right now, isn't it?

  11. I love the suprise and flow of your poem! We have our air conditioner on! I can't believe it's March. The stink bugs have returned too. I wish they were still in hibernation!

  12. How true! Your poem also made me reflect on how similar that first nice weather is for us to the people John Rocco wrote about in his picture book, Blackout. I love when neighbors come together.

    Great post! Enjoy the nice weather!


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