Thursday, March 8, 2012

solsc.2012: spring wear 8/31

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Looking in my closet, 
I began thinking about 
the changes occurring . . .

Ahhh, spring is in the air.
daily temperatures slowly rising higher 
rays of sunshine fulfilling my vitamin D deficiency
melted snow puddles scattered about the pavement
clumps of green emerging from the thawing ground
warm southerly breezes sneaking in a cracked window

layers of clothes shed that purposely hid extra pounds
bulky warm covering-up coats returned to the closet
squishing, squeezing, uh-oh too-tight spring clothes
nervous pale white skin afraid of being exposed
toes in desperate need of a major dress-me-up

Ahhh, but spring is in the air.

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  1. Your poem provides such insight into the wonderful changes of Spring.

  2. I am right there with you sister. Put on a shirt yesterday and felt like a stuffed sausage. Time to hit the gym!

  3. So ready for spring but do need to drop the pounds. Have started a running plan to help in that endeavor. And the toes - yes! Love this.

  4. You said it Michelle... what happens every year when those clothes come out of the there something in there that's eats part of clothes during the cold winter months????

  5. What a wonderful way you have of expressing your feelings. Especially loved the line: "rays of sunshine fulfilling my vitamin D deficiency" I can feel the sun etching its way into my body. I think our closets have a way of compressing our clothes - it's a ploy to get us outside and active! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Funny and right on spot. Spring is so promising and slightly demanding. Exercising or new clothes?
    Thank you for the poem.

  7. The form of the poem cracks me up! What a talented writer you are. You've been messing around in my mind, because those are my thoughts, but you express them so much more eloquently than I do. Here's my favorite line: nervous pale white skin afraid of being exposed.

  8. You read my mind this morning, Michelle!
    I pulled the lightest, loosest top out of the closet!

  9. You expressed it perfectly! I especially like "squishing, squeezing, uh-oh too-tight spring clothes". Oh, how I can relate!
    Love the form!

  10. My thoughts were, "How cool" and "How'd she do that?" I liked the format!

  11. The bit about the toes -- yeah, I understand. I can't wait for spring, either!

  12. Your shape of your poem looked like a wind decanter with the slice logo on top. Descriptive use of words to paint a picture.
    I picked up on the vitamin D deficiency and the fear of the sun.
    A hint of something more? or just not wanting to get burned?

  13. Your poem totally embraces the horror I feel every year when the imperfections are brought to light with less layers. Hate that, and hate looking even further ahead to bathing suit shopping. Thank heavens for online shopping - no neon lights to bum me out even further!

    The toes, though -- love that first "spruce up" - mine is this coming Monday and I cannot wait!

    Great slice!

  14. Michelle,
    Typically I'm a little excited when spring rolls around as it gives me the opportunity to wear something different. This year I just look in my closet and think, "UGH". I'm going to pretend I didn't just read Karen's comment about bathing suit shopping.



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