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solsc.2012: mom rule 25/31

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Now that I am a mom, this rule of being a mom makes so much more sense.
The number one rule of being a mom: Moms aren't suppose to get sick. 

"Will you be okay?"

Pain inside the back
Partially moving to the front
Quickly wishing the pain be gone
Quietly searching for answers
Reading on the internet
Receiving more than we wanted to know
Sickness, but what?
Something is just not right
Trying to sleep
Tossing and turning
Up almost all night
Unwilling to deal anymore

"Will you take me to the emergency room?"

Our first day together brought us some one-on-one time . . . at the ER.  Tests were done.  Nothing conclusive, but the pain is still present.  Pain medicine provided.

Time to take care of my Momma.  I guess Moms can get sick.

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  1. Oh no. Not the kind of one on one time you wanted or needed. I hope she's better soon!

  2. Yes, unfortunately Mom's do get sick, but thanks for being here for me to take care of me when I'm not feeling good. Today will be better and we'll have more fun with the girls. Love ya M

  3. I think Moms getting sick builds compassion in our children--even when we would like to teach compassion without getting sick.

  4. Reminders: Moms are human. They get sick, cry and hurt...but they learn to get better as quickly as they can care for those they love.

  5. I understand the rules, but aren't rules made to be broken? I hate it when mom isn't right. It was great that you could be there to help her. Must be somewhat better since you went on a walk. Enjoy your time, whether it's in ER or at home.

  6. Oh yikes! I'm glad you went to the ER. Hope your mom is feeling better soon.

  7. Praying that your mom will recover quickly and you will have lots of fun together with your girlies!

  8. Oh no...I hope your mom gets better soon. Nice touch adding the quotes!

  9. Ouch. Pain is no fun. Wishing your mom a pain free visit!

  10. Oh no! Sorry to hear this. I have been sick myself this week, and the resounding thought in my head has been, "I am so glad I don't have kids. What do moms do???" I can hardly take care of my self right now. Hang in there!

  11. It's good you were there to take care of her. I hope that the emergency start will be followed by fun times.

  12. How lucky she is to be with you. Give her some TLC. When my daughter was little, she would tuck me in when she knew I was sick.

  13. Oh my, I'm sorry that your mom is sick. I know how much you were looking forward to her visit. But, it's so nice for her to have you to take good care of her. I hope she's better in no time and mother/daughter fun ensues.

  14. At first, I thought the sick momma was you. This was a very effective way to tell this disheartening story. I am glad your mom was in your care, but disappointed for you both that your time together had to be spent in the ER--and without an answer! I hope she is on the mend quickly.

  15. I hope you get answers and that your mom is on the mend. Take care of all the moms in your house.

  16. Sending prayers and good wishes to you and your mom. It's especially hard when you're waiting for answers. I hope she is feeling better real soon. : )

  17. Michelle,
    I'm sorry to hear your mom isn't feeling well. I'm sure she has been looking forward to spending time you and her grandbabies. Hope she feels better soon!

  18. Michelle,
    I know from your previous post how you've been looking forward to the visit...hopefully things will get better for her and you. I had an episode last year with my mom getting very sick for the first time in my life-at her age of 72. Her intestine had ruptured and luckily she pulled through ok. After that I felt like I could never take good health for granted again.

  19. Oh, I'm so sorry that must be so scary. I hope that your mom starts to feel better and that you two will be able to spend some quality time together with both feeling well!

  20. Wishing you and your mom all the best and much health. It's challenging when you become the caregiver for you mom. It makes you realize you're a grown-up.

  21. Michelle, I'm so sorry to hear this, & hope some answers come quickly. Also, thanks for your constant support on my posts lately. I notice, & appreciate your upbeat (just like you) comments very much. I wish all the best for your mom, and for you, because I hear the worry in your poem & the title.


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