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solsc.2012: promises 24/31

Join the challenge and write!
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"When will I become a writer?" I wondered in my head.

A writing challenge
promises time to
view the world
see the ordinary
capture a moment
develop a habit
and just write.

A writing challenge
promises neglecting
daily chores
Google Reader
book reading
and my hubby.

"When will I get my wife back?" He whispered in my ear.

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  1. The two voices are powerful. Interesting how one line from one voice can carry such meaning.

    It is a balancing act, isn't it? Right now my husband is in the kitchen, making me an omelet. I think writers only exist if they have the support of the people they live with.

    Sounds like your husband is supportive too. ;)

  2. Writing is a challenge, whether it is one day a week or everyday for a month. There is a give and take with our time and energy. You've caught that with your poem. My husband is saying the same thing your husband did. Soon, I say.

  3. It seems like I've read another poem of yours where the position changes. I remember how incredibly clever I thought you were. This was is equally clever and oh so true! Love your poetry writing - you are so efficient with words.

  4. oh, mine is sitting in front of me on a jet wondering the same thing...I smiled in your poem when he whispered it...mine is trying to give me the vibe by mental telepathy I think

  5. Love this and I see the same - the wonderful gains from this challenge and the things that got set aside.

  6. We didn't know this would happen when we started writing last year, did we? We may have been more knowledgeable this year, but it is still surprising how much time this writing challenge takes.

  7. I think mine is wondering but hasn't said anything yet...

  8. I love the contrast of "good" promises vs. "negative" promises -- neat idea. The line at the end where your husband whispers in your ear is so poignant -- nice final touch! :-)

  9. Great poem and is it really so bad to neglect those mundane things (other than your husband)? I think Dad is thinking the same things, but he is enjoying reading the slices and comments!

  10. Forget the laundry and the chores! :) Twitter misses us, but doesn't mind if you check in less frequently. Keep up the writing - hubby will see that it's part of who you are!

  11. I love the two sides of this poem. It's really the constant battle we have with ourselves, isn't it. There's the side of us that wants to write, loves to write, needs to write. Then there's the side that knows life requires that we get some things done. Of course, there is also the reality that some things, like housework, may have to wait just a bit.


  12. I love how you star and end your poem! : ) I think this writing challenge is making us all become writers! I agree that this writing challenge does make it difficult to keep everything else up like laundry!

  13. You are a writer! Look at this beautiful poetry - you've moved people, given them a visual to connect with. You have the power of words and craft of language! I admit I feel the same though and I love when I'm affirmed by this community. Know you are a writer!

  14. You poetic two sides share what goes through my head. I have enjoyed capturing moments to write, noticing and playing with words.


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