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solsc.2012: sometimes 26/31

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My almost two year old daughters will say I love you when I say it to them first, but like Maya observed and shared in her poem Sometimes, my girls also say I love you in so many other ways.  Thank you for the inspiration today Maya!

Sometimes I love you is
crying the moment I see
you walk through the door.

Sometimes I love you is
pushing my sister to the side
to see you first.

Sometimes I love you is
wanting "Up, Momma, up!" even when
you are already holding my sister.

Sometimes I love you is
grabbing a book, "Momma sit."
backing up and sitting down.

Sometimes I love you is
sharing a lap -- pat, pat
and reading with two.

Sometimes I love you is
not wanting to share a lap
and keeping you all to myself.

Sometimes I love you is
just wanting to be held
for a minute or two -- "All done now."

Sometimes I love you is
a squeeze, a hug, a kiss, and
an "I love you Momma."

Sometimes I love you is
expressed differently every day,
but I've never felt so loved.

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  1. Oh so true. I loved when I started being able to see how happy my boys were to see me, even more they could talk. Being able to see their eyes light up is wonderful. Loved your poem and the repeating lines.

  2. Love is shown through so many more ways than words. Sometimes love is when you write a poem about your two special girls. Love lives in this home.

  3. Love your poem. Yes, the girls show you love in so many ways. Sometimes it's the looks in their eyes, or holding your hands, or playing, or those moments before nap time or bedtime. They show their love because of all the love you shower on them. Enjoy all your "sometime" moments. I am. Love ya M

  4. Just awesome Michelle! So true how once again actions, gestures, no words can speak volumes! Loved it!!!

  5. Awesome Michelle . . . good reminder how a gesture, action, no words can sometimes speak volumes! Loved it!

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  7. What a beautiful poem! I need to try to write one of these for my boys- my teenagers don't say I love you very often and sometimes it's really hard to remember that they care at all!

  8. Your post would make a great bookmark. Your thoughts and memories are great treasure.

  9. I love that first verse, Michelle. So often it happens that everything is just fine with the children until Momma comes through the door. This plus the others are just right about the love from your young children, and many other actions from older kids too-you'll see!

  10. What a lovely poem! The concept of what "I love you" can mean at any given time is such a wonderful one to tackle as a poem. Lots of great emotions and feelings here.

  11. I love the contrast of sharing your lap to wanting your lap all to her own. Thank you for sharing these loving moments with us - precious. Beautiful poem, you've captured these moments.

  12. I like how you used Maya's poem as an inspiration and made it completely your own and personal. I can see how you could write similar poems in years to come and have a collection of poems.


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