Tuesday, March 6, 2012

solsc.2012: the testing scene 6/31

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In the quiet testing hour
stranded in a cramped desk
waiting anxiously to get started
quiet whispers all to rest . . . a-hem!

directions read word for word
"any questions?" it boldly quips
pages turning, pencils rapping
"ready to begin" says the script . . . a-okay!

feet swaying, shoes tapping
brains churning, thinking and more
scratching the head, tugging the hair
eyes wide open, mouths to the floor . . . a-ha!

eyes still sleepy, puffy red
sniffling noses, dripping too
coughing, sneezing all for tissues 
lingering stubborn winter . . . a-choo!

pencils scribbling, scrawling, scratching
all the work there is to do
pink nubs removing and erasing until
circles enclosed with a hopeful response that's true . . . a-yes!

shaking legs of uncertainty
raising the hand, nods of completion
sighs of relief - the test booklet turned in
one day done . . . a-men!

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  1. I start our ISATs today - two a day today, tomorrow, and Thursday. Field Trip Friday. Can't wait.

  2. Michelle,
    This is an awesome depiction of a testing day! Wow. . . and you ask how I do it???

  3. You have a poet's eye and brain. Testing is not a subject I would have thought in verse.

  4. I love the way you've turned the awfulness of testing season into material for poetry. Now that's positive thinking!

  5. Great job, MIchelle. Ours start in a couple of weeks--sooooo not looking forward to it. What I really liked was the "a-_____ " words at the ends of stanzas. Really brought the whole things together. But the words you chose for the rest are spot on. They really set the scene for us--great visuals

  6. You have captured each facet of that testing period. You are brilliant in snatching these small pieces and fashioning them into a creative poem. Well done!

  7. I am right there with you. The math test they took was a beast! I love the a..hems and a...choos. Very cool.

  8. Wow, such a creative, vivid description of a "boring" event -- I never would have thought about writing a poem about testing! All your little details let me picture the room perfectly!

  9. Isn't it funny how much you can notice when the kids are busy testing?
    My favorite line: "circles enclosed with a hopeful response that's true . . . a-yes!"

  10. I think you were in my classroom today! Sounds just like what was going on in Denver!

  11. This is a perfect description of what I did two weeks ago. Do your tests go through a script of teaching kids how to answer multiple choice questions? I always find it ironic since my folks have been taking these tests since the first grade.

  12. Michelle,
    Your poem captures the reality of testing. Often the kids are fighting their winter colds. "Feet swaying" reminds us how young these children are. I always wonder what they will say when they get older about their education and testing. I wonder if they'll remember that "knee shaking" feeling they experienced year after year.



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