Tuesday, November 27, 2012

sols: thank-full

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There were many moments from the long Thanksgiving weekend that I want to capture.  My family had a spectacular visit at my Mom and Dad's house in the country, including some much needed peace and quiet and sleeping in (except for the two and a half year olds running around enjoying exploring Grandma and Grandpa's).  It was time to disconnect from the every day race of life and enjoy the company, delicious food, and the rest the days had to offer.

But today I need the reminder to be thankful.  After a vacation away from home and the usual routine, the day after can be hard.  Monday was hard for many of us.

Keeping patience was hard.  Really hard.  Holding on to it.  Living it.  Believing it.

And then a conversation I had yesterday with a fifth grade teacher, who is currently reading aloud Wonder by RJ Palacio to her class, had me thinking.  We talked about empathy, kindness, understanding.  She shared her thoughts on being thankful . . . looking at the glass half-full and being thankful for what you might not think you should be thankful for.



i am thankful for the demanding tone and whiny attitude
because i know my girls have a voice and strong opinions,
but we'll continue to work on the delivery.

i am thankful for tripping over toys and constantly picking up
dolls, trains, puzzle pieces, cars, tea cups and cupcakes, and books
because i know my girls are learning through play and imagination.

i am thankful for the spilled milk, scattered crumbs, and squished food
because i know it's a spot, an area, an entire floor
that is clean many times throughout the day.

i am thankful for an early alarm buzzing me awake
because i know it's a fresh start to a new day to
remember all that i need to be thankful for in my life.

i am thankful for what appears to be a lack of time and hours in a day
to possibly accomplish all that i think needs to be done
because i know my life is full of many blessings.

What are you thank-full for this day?


  1. It seems to be so easy to look at the undesirable things in our lives and not look at the "other side". You have expressed the "other side" and help to remind me that there is always an "up" side to all situations and we have so much to be thank-full for. I'm thank-full to have you as my daughter and friend! Love ya M

  2. I absolutely love this slice. I would like to write my own thankful poem, as based on yours it is a powerful way to put things into perspective and remember to have a positive outlook. I really enjoyed the combination of the paragraphs setting it up followed by the poem.

    At NCTE I heard the author of Wonder speak on a session panel and it made me love the book even more. I always love hearing authors talk about their ideas and the background behind writing their books. I am hoping to do a series of posts reflecting on NCTE very soon, including more thoughts about Palacio's session, but it feels like much of this week will be about getting back into a routine after being away at the convention followed by being on Thanksgiving break.

  3. Love the way you looked at your life, Michelle, & this: "but we'll continue to work on the delivery." I know how much my granddaughter talks at 3, so can imagine all that happens with two almost her age. Peace & quiet is a blessing at times. I am thank-full for my family, who helps in every imaginable way they can, also living their own busy lives. Thanks for your beautiful words!

  4. I love how you even after a difficult day find the positive. And it's not the usual list but a list with a twist. You make me smile and lift my spirits. Thank you!

  5. Sometimes its hard to be thankful for the crazy busy day, but I'm thankful I was able to take the time to read your post.

  6. Great way to slow down and look at the blessings in our lives. Enjoy those girls!

  7. Good for you that you can keep what counts in focus - especially this time of year when it is easy to give in to the stress of having too much to do in a very short time.

  8. I love the idea of being Thank-full as it really does convey the message that we have many blessings....we are thankful for them all....but for them...we are FULL of Thanks.
    The order and use of words is just wonderful

  9. Your list reminds me of all the blessings we have in our life, even the small annoyances are a blessing. Thanks for your outlook, I'm going to be looking for the up-side to anything that gets me down.

  10. I kept thinking about the floor that gets cleaned many times a day--might not be great every time you have to bend down, but you still found in it a reason to be thankful! You must be something special!

  11. I love your first stanza. We're all working on delivery these days, aren't we?

  12. I'm thank-full for colleagues who are great listeners, mamas and come to work with fresh ideas every day. (Thx for Mitten ideas today!!)
    I'm also with Stacey - love the "working on delivery" - totally get that!

  13. LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing this reminder that so many of our stressors are also related to our greatest joys! I am thank-full for the interuptions and unplanned moments, because I have so many opportunities to help students. I'm bookmarking your post in my writing ideas! :-)

    1. As promised, I came back to this post as I was thinking about my slice today... over a year later, but I'm writing it! :-)

  14. Michelle,
    Your poem hit home with me. I remember when our children were little and it seemed like my life was an ongoing whirlwind of chasing kids, doing laundry, cleaning up, etc. You're right, all that craziness means that you have people you love and who love you back in your life. This is the first year that my husband and I are empty nesters. When our children left after Thanksgiving to go back to school, it was very quiet in our house. I love where I am in my life right now, but sometimes I yearn for a little one to cuddle on my lap and ask for just one more story. :)


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