Tuesday, November 20, 2012

sols: time

Slice of Life Stories hosted

time moves forward
faster than i
can keep up.

calendar pages flip
and early dark 
evenings have arrived.

thanksgiving is here
with family time
near to celebrate. 

december, cold, snow
will arrive with
absolutely no fear.

more family-days
holidays christmas and
new year's eve.

need time
to   s   l   o  w  but
i already know

the busiest time
of year is
now right here.

as best as
we can, let's
savor, remember, write

sit back to
slow down time 
relish the memories.

enjoy this time


  1. Yes, time does seem to go by so quickly and this is just be beginning of a very busy time, but we all need to stop, step back, take a breathe and reflect, remember, rejoice. Thanks for sharing. See you soon. Be safe. Love ya M

  2. Time is moving very quickly this year...what a great reminder. I love those last lines. I'm going to put this in my notebook and remember to WRITE! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for being one of the bright lights in my life. I'm thankful we "met" through this little community.

  3. A gentle little reminder...something to read again and again during these busy days, to help keep them happy and sane!

  4. Oh your words have never been so true! I say it everyday, days, weeks and months are flying by!!! But what I say even more is . . . Am I doing all that I should be doing ;-)

  5. You capture the pace of the passing time so well. I love "savor, remember, write." I will.

  6. Nice! I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with joyous slowed down time.

  7. You slowed down to write this poem :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. enjoy your time with friends, family and love in abundance...I love how you didn't use caps! xo nanc

  9. my thoughts exactly. I have a love hate relationship with this time of year. But only have love for this poem. perfect.

  10. Thanks Michele, I am in the midst of those fast flurries too, & perhaps can slow at the Christmas holidays. Thanks for giving good advice, & I promise I will try!

  11. calendar pages flip
    and early dark
    evenings have arrived

    I am enamored with this stanza. I love this time of year. The time from Thanksgiving to Christmas is so cozy. These lines make me feel that.

    I am also forever envious of the way you work the words on the page. I just never think to space out the word slow, the way you did. It is so clever, but seems so natural.


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