Monday, March 28, 2011

SOLSC: Ten Things - 28/31

The Slice of Life Story Challenge 
is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.
Ten Things

I'm starting to reread some favorite books for several reasons, including reading with new eyes: the eyes of a writer.

In the delightful book Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo, Opal challenges her father to tell her ten things (one thing for each year she has been alive) about her mama because she doesn't remember her.  Opal also starts to create a list of ten things she knows about her dog, Winn-Dixie.  I decided to create my own "ten things I know about" list . . . the number ten (not for my age!) but because I thought it was a solid number.  I'm thinking this is a great way for kids to reflect on their learning as well!

Ten Things I Know about the 'Slice of Life Story Challenge'

One.  SOLSC awakened me to writing, blogging, and sharing with others.

Two.  SOLSC opened my eyes, ears, and heart to the life around me, waiting to be woven into words.

Three.  SOLSC helped me reflect on my life and capture those moments I don't want to forget.

Four.  SOLSC motivated me to write.  Every day.

Five.  SOLSC encouraged me to collaborate with thinkers, writers, poets, teachers, mentors, mothers, and digital experts all over the world.

Six.  SOLSC allowed me to devour diverse writing from a variety of authors opening their hearts, minds, and lives.

Seven.  SOLSC taught me to read like a writer and experiment with new styles.

Eight.  SOLSC taught me the true power of words.

Nine.  SOLSC provided me comments, thoughts, reactions, and support from members of the writing community.

Ten.  SOLSC has me excited for next March and I will be encouraging others to join!
(Yes, Mom, including you!)


  1. ME TOO! This is my 4th SOLSC year, and I am here most Tuesdays during the year as well. I love it. It has improved my writing, and my teaching, and me!

  2. All so very true. My mind was on this same road today. Thanks for spelling out my realizations.

  3. Thank you for saying such a good ten things! It's been awesome to meet so many new people, as you said-teachers, writers, mothers, fathers, etc., and to listen to their ideas, read their writing, see their art. I think we sometimes lose something when we work with the same group, even if we love it. My colleague & I who are doing this together are going to try very hard to find more from our school to join us, but if not, we'll return.

  4. This challenge has really built your confidence and writing abilities. It was always "there", but now you're putting it in print. Keep up the good work, it will not only help you with your students, but also with your girls. As for me, I'd better start writing now so that I'd have enough to write about for a whole month! Love, M

  5. I can easily relate to your decalogue of SOLSC. This has been a thrilling experience and positive beyond belief. It is just sad that there isn't enough time to read all the posts every day.

  6. I agree with everything everybody said! This has been a life altering experience for me and I have loved every minute of it!

    Happy Writing

  7. I LOVE your list. It summaries what I feel. Thank you.

  8. I like your list and I immediately started prioritizing them to describe my own experience. It is hard to choose but I think I'll go with Thanks!


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