Friday, March 25, 2011

SOLSC: Lovin' This Small Town - 25/31

The Slice of Life Story Challenge 
is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.

Lovin' This Small Town

Life is different in a small town.
Livin' miles out in the backcountry.
Lovin' the peace and quiet of nature.
Listenin' to the birds singin' in the sunshine.
Layin' back relaxin', breathin' in the fresh air.
Lookin' at the brilliant stars in the black sky at night.
Longin' to stay, just one more day.
Leavin' for the long journey home.
Loathin' big city life
Lackin' this small town feel.


  1. Love how you've captured this feeling--the language you chose and the repetitive nature of your text is so well done.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Are you leaving your small town? I thought that's what your poem meant. If so, I'm sorry. Your poem shows such emotion; it's almost a song.

  3. Teacherdance: I'm leaving my parent's small town after a week of spring vacation! Life in this small town is different from where we call home, but we enjoyed are trip tremendously!

  4. Glad to hear what it meant. I imagine your parents would love to see the poem.


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