Thursday, March 17, 2011

SOLSC: A Letter to an Old Friend - 17/31

The Slice of Life Story Challenge 
is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.

A Letter to an Old Friend

Dearest Friend,

How have you been?  It's been too long.  I cannot wait to see you again!  I've been dreaming about visiting ever since the middle of winter when I peered out my frosted window into the depths of the snow.  I smiled to myself thinking about our reunion that will happen soon.

Soon still feels like forever.  After packing and stacking the car, after getting the house ready only for us to leave, after double and triple checking the lists, and after the long and exhausting ten hour drive south, we'll arrive ready to relax and enjoy your company, forgetting about all the worries left behind.

Won't it be delightful to go for long, leisurely walks?
See the bountiful Bradford Pear trees blooming?
Feel the brisk breeze breathing off the lake?
Put our feet up on the front porch and pour over preposterous particularities?
Watch Max hop about with happiness and hunt for squirrels to chase around the yard?
Or, just sit and listen to the wind speaking through the trees, the wind chimes sharing great joys, and the birds tweeting about our visit?

We'll soon be there to hug you tight and hold on . . . only wishing we could stay longer.

We can't wait to see you . . . oh dear, spring vacation!

Warm hugs and sunshine,


  1. Oh this was a fun post....and unexpected!! Hope you have fun! Mimi

  2. Cool personification + a letter-format to boot. Enjoy your vacation,

  3. Very creative approach! You had me thinking the whole way through, loved it.

  4. I thought of my friends while reading the first paragraph, wondered where you were going during the second, admired your word choice in the list of questions, and was taken by the surprise ending. Witty and well-crafted piece.


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