Saturday, March 12, 2011

SOLSC: A Much Needed Out - 12/31

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A Much Needed Out

I have little ones at home that take precedence, so I arrive later than I used to in the morning and leave earlier than I should in the afternoon.  I also work through my lunch hour to efficiently make use of every minute.

Except yesterday.  

The teachers step out for lunch into the real world on Fridays.  It's our time: We gab, chat, share, laugh, and enjoy the company of our colleagues as friends.

After this long, exhausting week of testing, I was ready to escape.  And it was worth sacrificing those fifty precious minutes.


  1. I am a mom/teacher too. And it's sooo hard to figure out the "balance" thing. Glad you got time to enjoy your colleagues!

  2. Lunches out can do more than just feed your body--they can feed the soul and build camaraderie. It looks like you found some on your Friday lunch--good for you.

    I have a friend I try and meet with for Sushi Therapy and where we hash over our students who drive us crazy, or discuss remedial education (and why it doesn't work) or issues in our workplace. I didn't used to have someone like that in my life (an adjunct proffie is very isolated) so I really appreciate this friendship.

    thanks for you post--
    Elizabeth E.

  3. Carving out time for something is a battle. The older I get the faster it goes and the more I need to do! But this Friday lunch is such an important time. Your post is an encouragement to me to keep those important times clear.

  4. This slice is crisp. I don't have little ones at home anymore but I have lots of things I want to be doing so I often work through my lunches too. Friday mornings I come in early for a book study - it makes for a very long Friday but like you, I love the benefits.

  5. I remember how hard it was with little ones at home. Kids are very time consuming as they get older too but it is way different. I'm glad you had some time to recharge your batteries. :)


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