Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SOLS: Day 6 - 1/31

The Slice of Life Story Challenge 
is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.

Day 6
Our school schedule, you may say, is a bit different.  When a student asks, "What day is it today?" They are usually not looking to hear, "Honey, it's Tuesday." Or, whichever day it may happen to be.  No.  It's different at our school.

Instead, we rotate on a six day cycle.  It's always been like that since I've been here and it has something to do with scheduling and not missing a plan time, er - I mean, so the kids don't miss a specials time.  So, a response that a student will be looking for is more like, "Oh, it's day 6."  But I don't have to tell my students when it is a day 6.

Students in my small groups L. O. V. E. day 6.  They look forward to every day 6.  They know exactly what happens in my room on day 6.  Not sure why I picked day 6, but it seemed like a  good day.  

Day 6 is the day we reflect.  Day 6 is the day we respond to reading and share book reviews. Day 6 is the day we write poetry, a creative story, a fable, or dabble with figurative language or wordle Day 6 is the day we get to share our thoughts with our classmates through our writing. Day 6 is the day we blog.  

Sometimes I think they wish every day was a day 6.  

Lucky for us, every day this month is a "day 6" for those of us participating in the challenge. Here's to my first challenge!  Enjoy the March 2011 SOLS Challenge!


  1. MIchelle,
    I love the suspense you build in this slice. I was wondering and predicting what it was about Day 6 that got the kids so jived. I was shocked when I read it was reflection. Holy Cow! What is your secret?

    We are in the process of preparing for student-led conferences when the kids share their portfolios. That means we spend quite a bit of time going through work, reflecting on work and putting together the pages. This is the second year for me of portfolios, and both years the kids groaned and groaned when it came to writing reflections.

    How do you get your kids excited about reflecting? Do you use these reflections for portfolios?

    Best wishes,

  2. Your voice is strong and I feel like I'm sitting across the table chatting with you. In fact, I think I could see your smile through my screen. So glad you are slicing this month.
    Happy writing,

  3. We have a rotating schedule in our district also. I like the idea of having a "day 6". Your post makes me wonder if kids need more days like "day 6" on days 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


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