Thursday, March 31, 2011

SOLSC: Parting Thoughts and Empty Spots - 31/31

The Slice of Life Story Challenge 
is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.

Parting Thoughts and Empty Spots

Thank you, Ruth, for sharing this novel idea - poetry in the iPod!  I had so much fun piecing the titles of the songs together.  The words were all there, I just had to change and rearrange!

Beautiful Day - To Serenade a Rainbow

Take the time
Quiet your mind
Heart and soul
Deep in the heart
Pictures and memories
All the small things
Little moments like that

Always on my mind
Stuck like glue
Every day
All I wanna do
Because of you
Daytime Friends

I learned from the best
Wouldn't change a thing
I can see clearly now
Something to be proud of
Everything I said
The good stuff
Farewell and goodnight
364 days to go

Thinking about her was the same 
as the hole you keep on feeling 
with your tongue after you lose a tooth.  
Time after time, my mind kept going 
to that empty spot, the spot where I 
felt like she should be. 
(Thoughts from Opal about her mama
from the book Because of Winn-Dixie.)

The challenge is complete.  April will be that empty spot.  
Thank you for an unbelievable month!


  1. Just beautiful. You say it so well.

  2. Wow, you found so many 'exactly right' songs. It is terrific. Thanks for the quote too-right on!

  3. It's amazing what just a few words can express. You captured so much with each song title. Keep writing and sharing. Love ya M

  4. Your poem rocks! (ha--get it, "rocks"?? :) )
    I am so glad I tried the ipod poetry and that others are having fun with it. I plan to do more!

    Also love the quote from Opal. It's perfect for the last day of SOLSC 2011.

  5. Love the poem....wouldn't that make a great mix CD? Hmmm, maybe we could make poetry soundtracks for the classroom. Just thinking out loud. Happy continued writing!

  6. Love the poem! I have really enjoyed reading your writing this past month.

    Happy Writing!

  7. Love the poem.Really love Sugarland, great taste in music,writig and reading.

  8. I love that this ipod poetry thing caught on and every one is so new! And the Kate Dicamillo quote is just right for today! Thank you!


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