Thursday, March 10, 2011

SOLSC: Writing - A New Love 10/31

The Slice of Life Story Challenge 
is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.

Writing - A New Love!

This writing challenge has me excited about writing again.  And I'm also excited about teaching writing again.  I loved teaching writing.  Yes, I said loved.  The passion died.  The fire sizzled.  The connection just wasn't there.  It's not you, writing.  It's me.

Many years ago, I supported classroom teachers during the writing block.  However, I never really felt that I was helping create at atmosphere for writers.  There was a lack of support. It was a "free" period.  Co-teaching?  Teachers never stuck around: "I'm just going to run to the bathroom. Be right back."  Collaborative planning?  Picture this: Passing in the hallway a teacher would quickly mention, "Oh, we are starting narrative writing."  I used to wonder, Does she even realize how in depth narrative writing is? What has she introduced to her students?  Where can I smoothly pick up and build on their learning?  Does she really value what I'm sharing?  So many questions.  Not one answer.  My love of writing and teaching writing slowly died.  It just wasn't fun anymore.

I can understand the teachers' frustrations and lack of understanding.  It's not totally their fault.  We have no district writing curriculum and it consists of a piecemeal of bits of good ideas.  Our writing consisted of PEN writing (Persuasive Expository Narrative) to prepare for state testing. After the state ran out of money to score the writing, the assessment was eliminated.  Therefore, teaching writing was no longer in the spotlight.  

Yet, after surveying my colleagues a year ago, writing was a topic of interest and teachers craved to learn more.  My heart started to flutter for writing again.  Maybe we were meant to be together!  I have learned more and wanted to try it again!  As I probed the instruction department regarding professional development, I was basically told: "Writing is not part of AYP."  Heartbroken.  Again.  

Here is what I've learned from participating in the challenge:
1.  I realize the importance of just writing -- it does so much for me!
2.  I'm bringing the love of writing and the workshop approach back!

Looks like we are back together again.  I {heart} writing! xoxoxo

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  1. Dear Michelle,
    I can understand how the excitement for writing is almost a prerequisite for teaching young writers. It has always been easy for me to teach readers, because I have been a passionate reader. Only in recent years, by learning about writing workshop, the traits of writing,the author's craft, and mostly about trying to write myself, I have been able to understand and support the growth of young writers in my class. I am glad for you. Keep writing.


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