Wednesday, March 18, 2015

{#sol15} Morning Time 18/31

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One of my favorite moments of the day  is kissing my two sleeping beauties goodnight. 

However, the early morning wake up is a different story ... and there are two sides to this story.  

Take for example, yesterday morning.   I heard the click of the girls' bedroom door.  I didn't even open my eyes because I know the routine.

P. sauntered into our bedroom, usually with one or two fluffy friends in hand.  She gently touched my back and whispered, "Mommy?"  

I barely mumbled a "Yes, baby?"

"Can I snuggle in the big bed?" She whispered again.

My response always depends on the numbers glowing on the clock.  

Sometimes I don't know what time it is.  I can't see the clock across the room without my glasses.  I'll have her read the numbers to me.  Sometimes I have to verify, so I slip on my glasses to see the time.

Sometimes I know what time it is.  I have already been up once (or twice) to press the snooze button quiet.  I know that I need to get moving because it will soon be their time to wake up.  But I wait.  Just five more minutes.

If it is close to wake up time, I allow her to climb up and snuggle in the big bed.  Daddy is already up working out or doing paperwork.  He likes to rise early, so there is always room for P.  She climbed up in bed and drifted back to sleep as I slipped out of bed to take my shower.  By the time I returned to my bedroom, she had disappeared.  I then heard her bedroom door open.

"Look Mommy," she said as she twirled in the hallway with a little smile.

"Oh, you still have your jammies on?" I asked, already spying her little secret.  P. decided to sneak back into her room and quietly get dressed for the day.  She started taking off her pajamas to reveal her clothes underneath.

"Oh, you tricked me! Look at you all dressed and ready to go!  What about your sister?  Did she wake up yet?" I said loudly with hopes to stir a little body from bed.  I peered into their bedroom.

"Good morning! Rise and shine!" I sang.

Nothing.  M. was still snuggled under her big blankets.  Eyes closed.  Still dreaming sweet dreams.  Probably wishing she could "snooze" me.

Future school mornings flashed before my eyes:  One up excited for the day like her Daddy.   The other a slow moving sleepy head.  

What can I do?  That's how I roll out of bed wake up in the morning.  And I make it work.


  1. Cute! We have a similar divide here: one up like me, one sleeping until the last minute like his dad. I think it is so cute that she would hide her clothing under her pyjamas. :)

  2. I have a set of identical twins in class this year for the first time. It is so much fun seeing their different personalities shine through. I love reading your stories about your girls. I have to admit - I am more like M. snuggling in bed as long as I can!

  3. Your mornings sound a lot like mine. I love how she "tricks" you each morning with her clothes underneath. So cute.

  4. I always wanted to be someone who snuggled in bed past the alarm. Somehow when it goes off I get up and start moving even with my eyes closed. I married someone who stays past the alarm.
    It's so precious that there are such differences in family members. It is kind of nice that you can stagger awake times!

  5. I love hearing the girl's stories! So much fun to "see" into their lives :-). xoxo

  6. As you have always said "similar, but different" and that they are. Be thankful that you don't have two sleepy heads and have to push to get them both going. P is a character - hiding her clothes under jammies. Hugs to all of you, Mom

  7. Always love reading stories about the girls! Love the clothes under the jammies!

  8. So cute :D
    My wife works very early in the morning so when I wake up depends on our little girl. I usually wake up to, "Daddy? Play!" or "Watch Elmo/Olaf?" depending if she wants to watch Sesame Street or Frozen. I love my mornings!
    I'm kind of hoping she'll be an early bird along with any other kids we have. I'd rather 'deal' with that than trying to drag 'em outta bed!

  9. Cute story. My son and daughter were opposites in this. My son used an alarm clock from the first day of kindergarten.. he liked the independence of getting himself up. There was no alarm clock made that could wake my daughter up.

  10. Extra snuggle time is always fun. What a fun trick, double dressing. Good luck with the sleepyhead.

  11. Your observations and stories about your girls are precious. One like Daddy and one like Mommy, seems fair to me. :)

  12. Such a sweet story and premonition of future years! My four year old sometimes does the opposite trick... Puts her clothes on top of her pjs to see if she can trick us into letting her wear her pjs to school:)

  13. A cute peek into your mornings! P is your early bird and M is your owl. So similar and so different!

  14. I have one VERY eager early riser and one VERY reluctant early riser! Just wait...
    Enjoy them!!

  15. I love this snapshot of your girls! Some of my most special memories from childhood are early mornings with my dad, while the rest of the house was still asleep. And I think your label, "I Want to Remember," would make a great title for a collection you give to the girls when they go away to college or get married or for you to read when they are teenagers and life is hard.


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