Saturday, March 7, 2015

{#sol15} Priorities: On a Saturday (Feelings) 7/31

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A participant in the Slice of Life Story Challenge can never, ever be short on writing ideas.  The amazing pool of participants share story after story and idea after idea:  Lifting lines.  Playing with structure.  Borrowing a well crafted idea.  For today's slice, I'm inspired by my friend, colleague, and fellow slicer Chris at Reading Amid The Chaos.  She wrote a poetic slice about her priorities one evening, including her feelings too:  Priorities (Feelings)

Priorities: On a Saturday (Feelings)

Saturday morning snooze (sleepy)

Curling under the blankets (comfortable)
Not rushing about this morning (optimistic)
Enjoying the quiet of the day (peaceful)

Snuggling with two more in bed (loved)
Rushing downstairs in PJs (delighted)
Pancake breakfast time (ecstatic)

Playing dress up, twirl and dance (enthusiastic)
A board game and a puzzle (confident)
Drawing and coloring (creative)

Daddy saying, "Let's go now!" (rushed)
Probably last outside ice skating day (bummed)
Skating and falling and getting back up again (determined)

Lunch with good friends (hungry)
More playing with an extra playmate (playful)
Taking it easy, talking and watching them play play (relaxed)

Afternoon reading of a book or two or three (content)
Quiet time with a show on the TV (relieved)
Delicious dinner designed (proud)

Hanging out on the couch (calm)
Movie night with popcorn (quiet)
Family day fun (exhausted)

Goodnight (zzzzzz)

Priorities: On a Saturday (Feelings)


  1. Sounds like a great Saturday to me! I love having a day with no plans. I think we might skate too. It won't be our last though. Winter is holding on tight.

  2. You have captured the perfect Saturday (and feelings) in this poem.
    Thank you for commenting yesterday, your words meant a lot to me.

  3. Awesome as usual Michele! Love the feelings at the end. XO

  4. I liked how you paired the lines and the emotions. I appreciated how you shared the source of your idea. Your day sounds delightful.

  5. Thanks for sharing this poem form! I tried Betsy' idea today that she shared on March 5 and I can't wait to try this form. I usually avoid poetry as a form of writing. But YOU showed a fun way to create a poem!! Here's my poem posted today:

  6. Sounds like a perfect day to me! And, as usual I love the format of the poem. You're awesome like that! Thanks for inspiring!

  7. Love this. I was going to slice about Saturdays too, but then it turned into something else. But it can always be written another Saturday!

  8. Great slice! I loved the feelings after the priorities. It truly shows how your busy days intersect with all those feelings. Have a great day with the girls & Jon! Love ya, Mom

  9. Terrific! What a great variety of feeling words. How lucky you are to be able to ice skate outdoors. I've heard so many cursing the winter...I find it delightful that you and your family are finding moments to enjoy.

  10. A delightful Saturday captured your priorities (feelings) perfectly.

  11. I love it! I need to think about how I feel in the moment. Very good idea for slowing down and appreciating life.

  12. Michelle, I love how you captured all the moments and feelings in your day. Perfection.

  13. Wow! I wrote a mentor text. Cool :) Love the slice being about a Saturday - a nice peek about what the twins are into!

  14. It is a great idea, Michelle. I'd forgotten about your ice skating adventures, fun to do, and to look forward to next year. Hope the day has gone as planned (happy).

  15. I really appreciate the feelings you share at the end of each line. I would love to use this as a mentor text for poetry writing!

  16. Beautiful Saturday with manyfold feelings. Thank you for sharing a glimpse (or slice) of your life with us!

  17. Those are the best priorities, Michelle - comfy time with the ones you love best.

  18. It sounds like a delightful day and I loved the format. :)

  19. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your family! And I bet everyone will sleep well tonight. I read Chris' post and thought it was a great idea. Maybe I will try it!some day!

  20. Your writing is a beautiful way to record the memories you are making with your family. Cherish every moment!


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