Monday, March 16, 2015

{#sol15} chalk one up 16/31

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For a short time on Sunday, Daddy took the girls outside to play so that I was able to do some much needed housework.

The girls found the buried chalk in the garage.  They were chalk artists on the front sidewalk.  Everyone added to the pictures that were definitely influenced by Daddy.

Chalk drawings: It's a JEEP thing ... and our Cape Cod home.

They enjoyed their Daddy-daughter time together.  So much that when I checked on them, the first words out of my husband's mouth were, "Yes, I will give them a bath tonight" as they were covered in chalk.  

A couple hours later ... Bath time is usually one of my jobs, so I helped get the bathroom set up for bath time and then Daddy took over.  I was in the girls' bedroom folding laundry when I overheard this conversation ...

"Daddy, are you going to give us a bath all by yourself?" M. wondered.

"Yes," Daddy responded.

"You are not even going to ask Mommy to come in here?" M. asked.

"No, I'm doing bath tonight," Daddy replied.

"Well, isn't Mommy going to watch you?" M. inquired, apparently not sure if Daddy could do the job.

"No, I can give you a bath.  You know, I can do everything Mommy can do," Daddy insisted.
"Mommy can do some things better than I can, but I can still do it," he added.  I smiled to myself.  

"Yeah, Daddy.  You are just you and you can do your best," P. said supporting her Daddy's efforts.

"Yeah, you're the best Daddy," M. added, now sure that he could do the job.

A few minutes later ...  "Mommy doesn't do it that way ..."

It was a sweet conversation between Daddy and his girls.

And I will never let Daddy forget that I can do some things better.  Chalk one up for me.


  1. These are my favorite slices, when you include these little snippets of conversation with your girls. So cute...

  2. LOL - I loved this post. Especially could visualize "Mommy doesn't do it that way..." I enjoyed the humor of your writing and read it aloud to my husband, he laughed out loud.

  3. So cute. Keep reminding J that he "CAN" do everything. Glad you got some time to yourself, even if it was to clean the house! Love the girls comments! Love ya, Mom

  4. So funny that they were giving him a 'test', just to see if he did it like Mommy.

  5. I love the idea of capturing an overheard conversation - these are the most honest and telling!

  6. Overheard conversations are always fun- especially when you hear kind words from your kids! You have a slice here that you will want to keep:)

  7. Michelle this is too cute! I would love to have been in John's head during the conversation. And by the way it would have been a lot more fun doing chalk drawings than cleaning! xoxo

  8. So, so sweet! Love those conversations! And I'd keep that one comment in reserve in case someone needs reminding that some things mommy can do better!

  9. Cute post. I especially like the last line. This could turn into a picture book. Just sayin'

  10. I love their conversation with your husband. It is so, so sweet.

    It reminds me of a convo I had with my daughter this morning. Apparently my husband does her hair differently (but she thinks I do it better). And I do, but believe me, there are plenty of things he does better than me!

  11. I love everything about this slice ... especially the way you listen and notice so many lovely moments with your gils, Michelle.

  12. This is a very sweet slice. You will remember these moments forever - especially because you are writing them down. The sol is a neat way to document the journey you are on with your two precious little ones.

  13. Michelle,
    This was so fun. You are so good at capturing snippets of dialogue that speak strongly to the story you hope to tell. It sounds like it was a good day for daddy and daughters --- and mom too. ;o)


  14. Oh my gosh! What a great conversation! You will need to share this with them for many years to come!

  15. Love it! I'm always telling my 4 year old that she could be asking her dad for help too, but she's always a bit sceptical. :) I was staying with a friend's children while she gave birth to her fourth. Their dad called to say that he was coming to get them so they could meet their brother. I had about 20 minutes to get them bathed and ready! I put them all in the tub, and started dumping water over their heads. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US??" they shouted. But it turns out their mom did the same, they just didn't expect it from me. LOL

  16. How precious. They are going to giggle when they read this story when they are older.


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