Saturday, March 28, 2015

{#sol15} real saturday 28/31

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"What's tomorrow Mommy?" 

I think hard before I answer, not so sure.  "Saturday."

"Real Saturday?"

I think again, just to be sure.  "Yes, real Saturday."

You see, all this week was spring break.  Nine days with no big plans.  So every day was a Saturday.

Today is real Saturday.  
Our day to sleep in -- especially after a late night of 
early birthday celebrations with family.  
Delicious dinner out, cake and ice cream in,
laughter and talking in between.

Today is real Saturday.   
Time to snuggle in the big bed,  
lounge in pajamas all morning 
because we have time to take it slow
with no big plans or places to go.

Today is real Saturday 
before real Sunday 
before we head back to school on real Monday
when we're dreaming of 
more Saturdays to come all summer long.

Image from Pinterest.


  1. As it is my first day of break it felt like a real Saturday to me too- too bad my cats did not get the memo! Your break sounds like it was relaxing:)

  2. Enjoy your "real Saturday" before you head back to that "real Monday." I love the days when I don't have to hurry and PJs all morning are OK.

  3. A real Saturday for sure. Love the quote - you will never have "this day" again, but there will be many tomorrows to enjoy every moment of your life and theirs. Love ya, Mom

  4. Love it, Michelle. Ingrid asks "is this a 'stay-at-home' day? They do love those days, don't they, even if they love school too?

  5. Real Saturday sometimes comes REALly too fast sometimes, oh who a, I kidding always too fast! Savor the wonderful memories of the week! Very soon Saturdays of summer will be here. Happy almost birthday Michelle! xoxo

  6. I love the not real Saturdays, when time is free to do as you please. Real Saturdays bring the real schedule back into focus, usually I'm not ready for that. Enjoy these final days before life is back in the real world. Love your poster at the end! How true!

  7. I loved the term "real Saturday". Some days are just more delicious.

  8. I am longing for those summer Saturday's today. Since I went to a conference this week, I didn't really have a spring break with my girls. I am looking forward to quiet moments with them when I get back tomorrow and as I jump right in to spring term.

    Love the Jen Hatmaker quote.

  9. Beautiful quote at the end. I hope your real Saturday was a really relaxing day. Ahhhhh....


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