Wednesday, March 25, 2015

{#sol15} confident together 25/31

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I decided to take the girls to a free "give hockey a try" skate yesterday.  Usually, I'm on the sidelines, helping the girls lace up and encourage as Daddy hops on skates to skate around with them. Yesterday was my day on the ice.  Grandma and Grandpa participated in the sideline duty.

My daughters now attack the ice with no fear.  Slip and slide and glide on the ice.  A few falls, but no tears any more.  We've learned to get right back up and try again.  Falling is just a part of skating.

I awkwardly made my way onto the ice, joking with my girls that I would need assistance as they skated around me.  I now understand why it's important to try new activities early on in life when fear has not fully taken over the brain.  I managed to skate a little and stand around lots.

The girls skated, hit the pucks around, raced across the ice, hung onto the side boards popping up and down showing their smiles above the glass, tried to push each other around on the chair on the ice, and took frequent breaks off the ice to check in with Momma, Grandma and Grandpa.  

 I stayed on the ice for less than twenty minutes.  My feet started to hurt. 

And they didn't need me anymore.  They are confident together.


  1. We just wrote about the power in partnerships today! How great your children have one another for support and encouragement.
    Darla & Jen

  2. What a difference a year makes. Last year, P didn't want to venture past the sides, now off she goes. M never had any fear, but is more enthusiastic as ever. What fun watching them & you! Love ya, Mom

  3. Wow that's impressive! I skated when I was a kid...well sort of skated and never got the hang of it. Look at you skating around (I mean look at the girls :-)). No really girls look awesome!

  4. They are so lucky to have each for life moments of weakness and strength. When will be seeing triple axles?

  5. Try hockey for free day is how my son got hooked on age 3! I love the support your girls offered each other holding hands. Love pictures from behind little ones to capture that feeling we have as they head away from us.

  6. Confident together - that is how they will grow up...together!! The photos are so sweet! B and E would love to skate with the girls!! Miss you!

  7. Sounds like everyone had a great time! They are so cute holding hands and helping each other!

  8. Love the line... "They are confident together."


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